Our intuition is one of the greatest natural abilities we possess. Like a personal compass, our intuition guides us toward the path of the highest good. Our ultimate magickal guidance system, intuition will always steer us in the right direction. Our job is to learn how to sense it.

There are many ways to develop your ability to better sense your intuition. Here are 4 fun exercises to help you strengthen and flex your intuitive muscles! Follow these practices in order, and watch your intuitive abilities grow and blossom within you.

tapping into intuition

1. Meditate

Our intuition is always communicating with us, but often our minds are too busy to hear it. By meditating regularly, you clear your mind of mental clutter and create space to better sense your intuitive guidance.

Begin a meditation practice by setting aside 5 minutes every day to quiet your mind. Work your way up to 10, then 20 minutes per day, and watch your entire life improve! You will soon be able to better sense your intuitive guidance, which is always leading you along the path of highest good!

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2. Ask for Guidance

So whether you call it Spirit, the Universe, Higher Consciousness, God or Goddess… each of us has access to an unlimited, infinite source of wisdom. So, if you find yourself in need of help, ask for guidance.

To do this, pose a question to yourself. Simply and sincerely ask for guidance with whatever it is you need help with. For example, “is going ahead with this decision to relocate to a different state for my highest good right now?”

Your intuitive answer will come to you in a variety of ways. You might get a subtle gut feeling, receive a flash of an image in your mind, or perhaps sense or hear an answer.

Follow the guidance given to you. It will be subtle, but as you continue to follow this guide you will develop a high level of intuition.

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3. Find the Treasure

One of my favorite ways to develop my intuition is to try and find hidden objects using only my intuitive guidance.

To try for yourself, have a friend hide an object somewhere in a room. Next, ask your higher guidance to direct you to the object. Go within. See if you sense a subtle pull towards a certain direction of the room. Keep following this drawing until you reach your object.

You might also do this by closing your eyes and seeing if your intuition gives you a visual flash of a certain area of the room. Or you might listen carefully to see if you can hear your intuition direct you where to go.

There are many different ways for our intuition to communicate to us. Trust your unique guidance, and be patient with yourself. The more you develop your intuitive skills, the better you will become at this game. When I first started, it would take me hours to find the object, but now it sometimes takes me only minutes!

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4. Play Your Cards Right

Another super fun way to develop your intuition is to guess the symbol behind a card. You can do this by using a regular pack of playing cards.

Shuffle the cards and turn them over, so that the symbols on them are face down. Bring to mind one of the symbols, and ask your guidance to show you which card has that symbol on it. Let your hand run above and across the cards, and sense when your intuition tells you to stop. Turn the card over, and see if you were able to intuitively guess correctly.

Play this game a few times a week, and watch your ability to sense your intuitive guidance grow!

Developing your intuitive ability is not only fun, but it is also incredibly powerful. By connecting to your intuition, you tap into a broader view of your life and connect to the mysterious energy of love that is always guiding you in the right direction. When you strengthen your power of intuition, every day becomes easier, happier, and much more magickal!

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With love,

Sirena Moon

Now it’s your turn to share with us! Which one of these 4 exercises will you develop your intuitive powers? Let us know in the comments below!

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