Clairaudience is one of the least understood of the psychic sense, yet it could be the one you’re most likely to experience.

Sound is going through a revival at the moment.

With so many different sound healing modalities appearing, not to mention the rise in popularity of podcasts and audiobooks, our hearing has never had it better!

So is it any wonder that hearing is one of the main methods that our Spirit guides use to communicate with us?

What is Clairaudience?

It may seem a little strange at first, but clairaudience is the ability to hear messages and information.

This doesn’t mean you hear things with your physical ears. If you have clairaudient gifts, it’s an inner listening that occurs. So you may “hear” a voice telling you to do something, or speaking words of encouragement when you most need them.

**And yes, we know that any talk of “the voices inside your head” is likely to make most people roll their eyes, or start avoiding you altogether. Which is probably why clairaudience doesn’t have much of a reputation! Yet it’s vital to understand that the voices speaking through clairaudient channels will very rarely force an idea or action upon you. It’s more like a gentle, spiritual, guiding tone that reassures and leads the way.

Clairaudience may also manifest as ringing, music, singing, or any number of different sounds.

If you’re wondering whether you have clairaudient abilities, the answer is “yes!”

Everybody is born with clairaudience. It’s a form of intuition. For some people it’s a fully formed gift, yet others may need to work harder to cultivate theirs.

Often one of the four ‘clairs’ is more pronounced than the others – here’s a list. Follow the links to discover more about them.

But for now, what are the 5 signs that clairaudience is YOUR superpower?

1. You sometimes hear whispering

Many folks with clairaudient gifts can tend to hear whispering when there’s no legitimate (scientific) reason why. This could sound like it’s very close by – literally whispering into your ears. Or it could sound like it’s coming from another room, through a baby monitor or other electrical device.

Sometimes this kind of clairaudient connection also sounds like a radio being tuned, or going in and out of frequency.

And yes, it does sound a little creepy, but if it’s something you’re used to, it can be a reassuring sign that your spirit guides are close.

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2. You sometimes hear ringing or buzzing noises

Although constant, high-pitched ringing is often explained as tinnitus, experiencing intermittent noises like buzzing, humming, ringing or even music can be a sign that your aural gifts are being activated.

This kind of psychic phenomenon may not actually be conveying a message from Spirit. It may instead be a sign that you have latent psychic abilities, and your sensitivity to the Spirit realm is being awakened.
Especially if it happens during meditation, buzzing and ringing in the ears could be a sign that your psychic channels are being cleared, and clear hearing is imminent.

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3. You hear voices of encouragement

This can happen daily, or it can happen only during times of extreme duress.

Hearing voices – which may sound like they’re coming from outside of you, OR like they’re inside your own head – is the most well-known sign of clairaudience. Often these will come in the form of encouragement, support and even the answer to a question you’ve been seeking.

Often, we put this kind of psychic awareness down to our own thinking mind, as though it’s simply our own voice. Or perhaps another aspect of yourself is speaking to you. Which, in some ways it is… and this IS clairaudience!

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4. You sometimes give advice… and you have no idea where it came from!

A little known sign of clairaudient ability is channeling information through you, for the benefit of others.

What this most often looks like, is giving really, really great advice, or even a talk or presentation, and feeling like another voice was speaking through you.

This isn’t as strange as it sounds – we’re not talking ghostly possession or an alien walk in! It’s simply that a greater power – such as your higher self – leads you, via your intuition, to speak a truth that was needed in a given moment. And even if you didn’t ‘hear’ the words, this is still an example of clairaudience.

5. You hear messages in the world that seem meant for you

Have you ever listened to the radio, and heard a line from a song that felt like it was speaking directly to you? Or overheard a conversation and felt like it was divinely orchestrated?

Sometimes receiving these kinds of audio, clairaudient messages can be indicators that you’ve got clairaudient abilities. YES, your actual, physical ears are hearing this info, but the way your heart, mind, and soul translates them makes them non-negotiable intuitive hits!

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Are any of these signs familiar? Have a hunch YOU could have psychic abilities in the form of clairaudience? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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