When Mercury Sextiles Neptune on Thursday, April 29th, 2021, it will bring creativity in abundance so if you’ve been wanting to start writing that book or exploring your artistic side, now might be the time to put pen (or paintbrush) to paper.

Mercury Sextile Neptune Transit

This transit, ignites your creative passions, but with the relaxed, dreamy vibes of Neptune at play, there isn’t too much pressure. The energy of today is more sit by a window and allow the creativity to flow than omg I have to get started on my masterpiece. 

So, take it easy today. Embrace your creativity when inspiration strikes but don’t force it.

One thing you should know is that your words or art may be a source of healing, both for yourself and others. So, if you’ve been neglecting self-care, or there’s someone in your life who could use cheering up, this is your time to shine.

With Neptune being the ruler of dreams, and Mercury being the ruler of communication, your inspiration could well come across as messages while you sleep, or from the spiritual realm. Your intuition may be heightened during this time too. 

This is also a great time to socialize as your ability to communicate freely, and without fear of judgment will be enhanced too. Your connection with the spiritual world and intuition will help you find common ground on situations with friends and lovers.


Mercury Sextile Neptune Natal

Those with Mercury sextile Neptune in their natal chart have extremely heightened senses making them sensitive to a huge spectrum of energies. Your ability to tap into your intuition or psychic abilities helps you through every aspect of your life.

What’s more, people love to be around you. Your non-judgemental ear and your ability to come up with innovative solutions serve you well. That said, when you do identify that someone has bad intentions or is generally negative, you are quick to realize it. Your gentle nature means that you don’t like to cut people off but you’re likely to take on their bad vibes if you don’t. As an empath, it is so important to protect your energy.

Your communication skills are not always the best but that’s because of how your senses influence your perception of the world and the people in it.

You love to add a touch of creativity to anything you do, and you might steer away from any of the science-based subjects.

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