If you’ve been feeling like the past five months have been overwhelming… hitting you with never-ending realizations and mind-boggling discoveries…

You’re not alone.

And before you point out the obvious turmoil that has been placed on the world over the past two years…

There’s actually a perfect explanation for all of this sudden clarification and harsh realities that we’ve been facing…

The Master of Illusions, Neptune, has been retrograde since June. This means we’ve been getting one hell of a reality check served to us on a silver platter for the last 5 months. 

But on November 30th, Neptune goes direct, and we can all breathe just a bit easier as things settle down into a (much needed) rose-colored reality.

The real reason you’ve been an overemotional wreck…

When Neptune went retrograde in June, the rose-colored glasses that we all like wearing so much were removed. And we suddenly became very aware of the harsh truths and realities of the world around us.

It seems like we’ve been uncovering mistruths, lies, and deception at a neck-breaking pace lately. And as the veil has been removed from our eyes… we’ve been putting pieces of the puzzle together and seeing things (and people) for what they really are… it’s been A LOT to handle!

But because Neptune is such a slow mover (it takes this bad boy 165 years to make one orbit around the sun!) the effects of his retrograde are more subtle and indirect…

So it’s unlikely that any of these new discoveries or realizations have hit you like a ton of bricks. No, Neptune is much too sophisticated for that. He works by slowly easing you into the truths that you’ve been so blind to.

So over the course of the past 5 months, you’ve likely unmasked some truths about the society you live in, the government that rules you, the people you’re surrounded by, and even your own darkness and shadow sides have been brought into the light…

Leaving you feeling angry, sad, frustrated, bored, jealous, betrayed, and just generally over it. I mean… come on 2021 – we get it, okay?!

But congratulations are in order! Because you’ve made it safely to the other side…

You’ve faced some harsh realities (and hopefully tackled them head-first), and now you’re ready to sit happily once again under the comfort of illusions, dreams, imagination, fantasy, intuition, and music.

And with Neptune’s position in Pisces, this means you’ll be enjoying the process of daydreaming, thinking up spectacular plans for the future, and diving deep into your spirituality.

But don’t get too comfy, because your work isn’t over yet.

Neptune will remain in Pisces for five more years (having another retrograde period each year), and this is really our time to dive deep into our subconscious minds, connect with our soul’s purpose, and epically alter the course of our planet and society at large.

Whoa, sounds like a larger order to fill – and it is.

Neptune in Pisces is raising the spiritual enlightenment and consciousness of the entire planet, and no one is excluded from its divinely compassionate pull…

Why do you think mindfulness, yoga, juice bars, meditation, holistic healing, social justice, environmental awareness, and veganism have grown to be so popular during the last decade?

It’s because the very vibration of our planet has been thrust into a cosmic dance of compassion, enlightenment, dreams, and romanticism…

The last time our planet experienced Neptune in Pisces:

  • Mankind finally woke up to the realization that all humans deserve respect, dignity, and equality. This sparked the dissolution of slavery in the U.S., Gypsy slavery was abolished in Romania, and cerfs were emancipated in Russia.
  • Women began reclaiming their rights and stepping out of the “male subordinate” expectations, sparking the women’s rights and suffrage movements.
  • Political revolts and uprisings happened all over the globe. From France to Hungary, Austria, Berlin, Switzerland, and Stockholm… the political state of the world was shifted in a dramatic way.
  • Modern medicine was refined, making health care available to everyone – not just the social elite.

One thing is for sure, during this pivotal time the ideologies, beliefs, and ideas of society are being shifted and history is being made. This is a period of generational shift and massive global enlightenment, it’s a return to love.

And you contribute to it by the inner work and growth you do on yourself, the injustice that you give your voice to, and kindness that you put into the world.

So while the veil may have been re-lowered and the rose-colored glasses are sitting firmly on your face again…. this doesn’t change the greater cosmic energy that’s at work (damn it). But it does make it a smidge more enjoyable.

What big realizations did you uncover during Neptune Retrograde? Comment below!