Are you up to the challenge?

Between 3 planets changing signs and shifting into a #4 Universal month this week… epic energy shifts are on the cards… 

It’s time to switch focus to look at the big picture and make grand plans.

Tomorrow, our favorite planet of communication launches into playful Leo. It’s a move that you’ll favor if you need a little guidance choosing which path to take. 

Then on Wednesday, Jupiter not only turns retrograde, it takes a back-step into Aquarius too. After its brief foray in sensitive Pisces, Jupiter’s sign change indicates it’s time for the truth. 


Since Jupiter will be retrograde, that truth must come from within you. And unlocking your authenticity is key to stepping ever closer to achieve the goals you’re setting this week.

Thursday brings the final sign change of the week when fiery Mars steps into mild-mannered Virgo. 

And great news…

It compounds the Universe’s aim of this week: to help you set intentions and make headway towards your best life. 

Unfortunately though, this transit can also make you obsess over the little things… and paralyze you into inaction.

But luckily, after all of the challenges that come with this week’s epic opportunities, this week’s numerology is here to save the day…

On Sunday, we launch into a brand new #4 Universal Month. It’s the number synonymous with laying foundations, doing the groundwork and setting you up for success.

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Monday (July 26th, 2021)

Moon in Pisces: This dreamy day has a dark side…

With the Moon sitting in sensitive Pisces today, you’ll find yourself in a bit of a fantasy world. And while that sounds great, with the Mercury-Pluto opposition from yesterday still lingering, it might mean you have trouble separating fact from fiction. Here’s how you can use this lunar energy to actually flourish instead of fade…

Show Me How To Flourish → 





Tuesday (July 27th, 2021)

Mercury in Leo: How To Use Leo’s Brave Vibes To Unleash The Most Confident Version Of Yourself To The World!

Today, planet of communication, Mercury, moves into bold Leo. Although it might be a challenging transition (since you might feel a spectrum of feelings from all extremes), it will be a time where you feel a surge in self confidence. Under this sky you will feel the urge to express yourself and unashamedly tell the world who you are. But, you might need a helping hand to ease into this energy…

How To Become 100% More Confident → 




Wednesday (July 28th, 2021)

Jupiter in Aquarius Shows You How You (Yes You Personally) Are Going To Change The World

Today, Jupiter moves back into Aquarius. On a personal level, this will give you a chance to discover where your authenticity needs work. But it’s perhaps the bigger picture of this alignment that holds more significance. No matter your sign, actions you take today, no matter how small can help you do your bit to help the collective to a better future. Need some inspo? Here’s how you can use these vibes to change the world…

Reveal How I Can Change The World → 




Thursday (July 29th, 2021)

How To Use Mars in Virgo’s Vibes To Improve ANY Area Of Your Life

Today, Mars moves into diligent Virgo. And while there’s some tense energy due to an opposition with Jupiter, this should fade quickly. And that’s great news for you because it’ll give you more time to enjoy Mars in Virgo’s amazing vibes. And once you start rolling with them, you’ll see improvements in SO many areas of your life.

Improve My Life NOW → 




 Friday (July 30th, 2021)

Why You Need To Harness The Powers of #3 Before It’s Too Late.

We’re only 2 days away from a brand new #4 Universal Month, but that doesn’t mean we’re forgetting #3 in a hurry. In fact, the #3 vibes are only increasing today – it’s a #3 Power Day! If you’ve not harnessed all the creative, social vibes of the #3 this month, here’s your last chance to embrace them.

Squeeze The Final Drops of #3 Goodness → 




 Saturday (July 31st, 2021)

How To Use The Moon In Taurus To Embrace Life’s Pleasures

It’s the final day of July and we’re ending the month on a good note. With the Moon in grounded Taurus today, you’re being given permission to embrace earthly pleasures. What a great way to spend a Saturday! Here’s how to extract the most from today…

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 Sunday (August 1st, 2021)

August 2021 Numerology Forecast: Why Putting In The Work Will Pay Off BIG TIME!

After the fun and creative vibes of July’s Universal #3 month, get ready for a change of pace. August’s #4 vibes are coming in hot and they are about to put you to work. The #4 is a taskmaster, known for its practical and focused energy. But before you worry that this will be a difficult month of hard-work, know this – everything you do this month will be laying the groundwork for incredible things to come.

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