Self-care is a sacred practice.

It’s not a luxury, an optional extra, or just another task to be ticked off your to-do list. It’s also not a commodity that you have to pay for, or work hard at, to keep up-to-date with trends and products. Self-care is personal, it’s internal and it’s most definitely a spiritual practice.

Self-care is so much more than just looking after the physical body. That’s a big part of it – our human vessels need to be tended to, and kept clean, healthy and working efficiently, but it’s not all. The deeper truth, the more essential function of self-care, is that it’s the most immediate and direct means that we have, to communicate with the Divine.

1. Self-care is self-worth

Honoring ourselves, our wants and our needs sends a very clear message to the Universe – that we are worthy of good things. When you listen to yourself, deeply, when you tap into what you really need, then and act on what you hear, you are inviting everyone and everything else in your world to do the same. Look after life, and life looks after you.

2. Self-care is preparation

Self-care is the warm-up that you have to do before a workout, it’s learning your lines before stepping on stage to play a part in a show. Except the part is real, and it’s you, playing out your very own life! You have a sacred purpose, you have work that only you are capable of doing, but to do it well, your human self must be ready and willing. Self-care gets you ready, it creates the right conditions for your purpose to emerge, and the voice of Spirit to move through you.


3. Self-care is devotion

There are a lot of people here, on the planet at the moment who are here to serve, assist and raise up the consciousness of the collective. Healers, activists, facilitators, intuitives (and the fact that you’re here reading this page, means that you’re probably here for this sacred work too!) But it’s impossible to act out this calling, to keep offering support and guidance and energy if your own reserves are not kept continually topped up. If your cup is empty, you’ll have nothing to offer to others. So for huge numbers of us, here, in this evolving world, self-care is a form of sacred replenishment, a reviving practice of rejuvenation, so caring for the self becomes a devotional practice to the rest of humanity.

4. Self-care is permission

Even without intention, you are an example to others. Every time that you offer yourself more attention than you offer to the rest of the world, and engage in the deep listening, and care that you need, you are giving everyone around you permission to do the same.

5. Self-care is sovereignty

How much real opportunity do we get to re-center and re-focus our personal energies when there is SO much going on in the world, demanding our attention? The quote from Audre Lorde “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare” rings so true here because when we call back in our personal power from everything and everyone who overwhelms us, we can begin to move towards a place of sovereignty again. Self-care is the sacred act that begins this process.


Retreating Into the Dark Moon

As the Moon darkens each month, there is an ebb in the creative energy running through nature, so it’s the ideal time to retreat from the demands of daily life and make space for some sacred self-care.

I’m not going to tell you what to do. Self-care looks and feels different for everybody, and in fact, the very first step in creating a practice of your own is to listen deeply to what your body, mind, and soul need most.

For one person it may mean a weekend away in the wilderness, for another, taking an hour over lunch for a massage, manicure or facial. Perhaps making 10 extra minutes for an afternoon tea ceremony, with real, loose leaf tea, an intention of wellness and a beautiful china cup feels most right? Your soul’s balsam maybe a solitary walk on the beach, or like me, a ramble (and maybe even a nap!) in a secret forest that nobody else even knows about.

I have a friend who will regularly set aside a clear afternoon to focus on completing all of her annoying undone monthly tasks (be careful – this practice may begin to morph into work and that’s NOT what this is about!) But this really is sacred self-care for her – it is what keeps her calm, soothed and in touch with her own divinity.

“You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.”

Rumi knew, eight centuries ago, that YOU are divine in your human-ness, so isn’t it about time you began treating yourself like it?

I would love to hear about your sacred self care tips. What do you do to honor yourself? How do you relax, rejuvenate and inspire yourself?

Share below: healing for one is healing for all!