11 Facts About Soul Contracts, Agreements & Debts

We are truly blessed to be alive during the most exciting, transformational time on the planet.

But to support this transition, it is essential to wake up to unity consciousness. You came to this planet as a volunteer with amnesia, so  you must remember your soul origins to engage in what the work you came here to do.

This literally is our last look at duality as we ascend from 3D to 4D and 5D consciousness.

What Are Soul Contracts?

Soul Contracts are agreements, that you enter into pre-birth.

Before this contract is created, your Spirit Guides empower you to decide which life lesson scenarios are going to enable your soul to evolve. These choices then formulate the basis of your soul contract.

Your soul contract doesn’t only involve the relationships in your life. It also includes your life experiences, events and circumstances. But whatever your soul contract entails, remember you have chosen each and every experience, to help you to learn and grow.

Read on for 11 important facts about Soul Contracts, Agreements, and Debts that will help you to wake up and then let go!


1. You Chose Your Name & Date Of Birth

Your time, date and place of birth are no coincidence. Neither is your name you thought you were given by your parents. These carry a unique energetic signature and were all agreed upon to help you to understand your life purpose, strengths and personality blueprint.

This can all be better understood through your personal numerology.

2. You Chose Your Family

This can be challenging to hear, but you did this to enable yourself to learn specific lessons and broaden your awareness. At a higher level, we even sometimes agree to endure abusive or extreme relationships, to help us to reawaken to our purpose on the planet.

In previous lives, you may have switched roles certain other people in your family,  and taken on different archetypes in their lives. So, for example, your parents or siblings may have been your children before. This is often arranged for the purpose of releasing karma.

3. Your Soul Family Helps You With Healing

Various people are destined to come into your life to help you heal something either from past lives or from this lifetime. These people have agreed with Spirit to enter into your life, to help you to understand your emotions with greater clarity, so that you can reach greater levels of compassion and forgiveness.

Even if a lesson is painful, trust that it was mutually agreed on a soul level, whilst you were disincarnate beings.

4. Life Events Help You With Healing

Whatever events transpire in your life, they arise to help you evolve to a higher state of consciousness. These events can be both good and bad. Try and hold off judgments as they are happening and look for the bigger picture. Perhaps you didn’t get that huge mortgage because you are being called by Spirit to start a different spiritual journey?

Try to see each event as a self-empowering step in your journey.

5. You Have Free Will

You incarnated on this planet at a specific time and place with a soul purpose.

However, one thing that’s not predetermined is your free will and choice. This means that you decide how you want your life to unfold once you get here. Whilst these decisions are seen as your fate, one thing that you cannot change is your destiny.

Your destiny is essentially to experience the unconditional love of the Universe, and it can take many lifetimes and many dimensions, in order to fully return to oneness.

6. You Choose Your Death

The moment you die and the way that you die has been predetermined on your contract.

There may also be several other opportunities to leave the earth plane during the course of your life, which present themselves as ‘exit points’. At these times, you’ll get the chance to either stay or go. Once you fully accept that this pact has been made at a higher level, it will often release the fear and pain associated with the crossing. It enables you to recognize everything is unfolding perfectly and you are just waking up from a dream.

7. You Are Not Alone

We are all given some help along the way by our Spirit Guides, Angels and multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves.

To fulfill your soul contract, you have access to Spirit Guides or Angels, which change over time as your life unfolds. The more self-aware you become, and the more you develop and trust your psychic gifts, the more you’ll be able to receive and translate the signs and symbols left for you. These will ensure you remain committed to your highest mission.

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8. Synchronicity Happens

When you’re fully aligned to your soul purpose, you will observe synchronicity or strange coincidences occurring to guide you effortlessly from one opportunity to the next.

Another reliable clue from Spirit, that you’re following your highest path, is when you encounter the right people at the right time. These people have been placed on your path to deliver information, guidance, and assistance when you’re in doubt or wanting to learn.

9. You Can Break A Soul Contract

When you feel that your agreements no longer serve your growth or actually stands in your way, it is possible to free yourself from them.  For some people, this will truly allow them to blossom on their spiritual journey, and actually helps them to better serve the planet by raising overall consciousness.

For example, if you have recognized a contract around poverty consciousness, that is no longer serving your highest purpose you can say the following:

“I am Master of my own creation.

I acknowledge that I feel fear about not having enough money and that it no longer serves my spiritual path.

With the power of my higher self, I release this fear back to the Universe for the greatest good, to be transformed into the highest form of Divine Love and Light.”

10. You Can Clear Karmic Debt

Forgive yourself and others and free yourself from karmic cycles.

Say the following:

“I forgive anyone I think has harmed me in this any lifetime, anywhere, on any dimension.

I forgive all debts and erase all karma. I choose true light for myself and all my selves.”

You will feel gratitude if this has been achieved successfully. As forgiveness happens in layers it may take a few attempts before you feel true gratitude.

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11. You Can Clear Ancestral Agreements

Release ancestral agreements by stating the following with focussed intent:

“I now reject any and all vows that I accepted in order to experience the illusion of unconsciousness and separation from Source.

As the light bearer of my genetic lineage, I break these vows for myself and my ancestors.

I declare these vows null and void in this incarnation and all of our incarnations across time, space, parallel realities, parallel universes, alternate realities, alternate universes, planetary systems, all source systems, and all dimensions.

I ask for the release of all crystal devices, implants, negative thought forms, limiting emotions, matrices, veils, dark cellular memory, misguided pictures of reality, genetic limitation and the illusion of death.

I break and release these limiting vows and blockages now.

I am free.

I am divine.

I reclaim my natural power and co-create my reality with Source.”

Then ask your inner source for the voids left behind to be filled with harmony, love, joy, happiness, spiritual growth and prosperity on all levels.

Life is a test but it wouldn’t be if you knew the answers!

Once you fully wake up to the realization that you are an immortal spiritual being having a temporary human experience you can transcend the illusion of 3D reality and rediscover your bliss.

Let me know how you get on with the clearings in the comments section below…