Before I had the pleasure of stepping into my dream role and soul purpose as an intuitive mentor, I was privileged to spend 7 years in the architecture field. I got to understand how blueprints work for building a structure, which incidentally parallels how we are imprinted.

In architecture, a blueprint is a drawing that guides the architects and builders to construct a building.

It shows measurements, the relationship between rooms, finishes and other physical features that are specifically laid out in order for the structure to be built properly.

And when the plans are drawn up, builders follow them as a guide in order to construct a structure that is stable and has a solid foundation.

Have you ever heard the idea that whatever job you previously held acts as guidance to bring forth something bigger?

It couldn’t be any closer to the truth in my story – that’s what architecture did for me.

And when I stepped into my current role, the similarities between an architectural blueprint and a soul blueprint became even more obvious.

They both guide us how to construct the project at hand, offering the utmost success if followed, understood and interpreted appropriately. Just as you need an architect to read and create a building blueprint, you also have an intuitive guidance system to download, produce and present your soul blueprint.

So, what is a Soul Blueprint?


Like a blueprint for a building structure, your soul carries a blueprint of understanding its purpose and gifts.

It reminds you of who you really are and why you are here in this incarnation.

How cool is that!?

We all go through times of trouble and having access to your soul blueprint helps with clarity, keeping things in perspective and is a constant reminder to yourself of who you truly are.

It acts as a gateway, bringing energy to the physical plane manifesting your visions into the matter.

You are the architect of your soul, but even the best architects have the support and a helping hand to help uncover the way.

In understanding this, you’ll recognize that you also have the willpower to create your destiny by aligning to your own unique language and truth.

You no longer have to feel confused about your purpose, following someone else’s blueprint, you have your own and you too can actualize it.

Carrying a unique vibration in gaining information about how to express your purpose and gifts in this lifetime, your soul blueprint is ready and waiting for you.


Benefits of aligning to your Soul Blueprint

  • Re-align to your soul’s purpose.
  • Clear away relationship and business blocks.
  • Rediscover your unseen gifts and talents that have been lying dormant.
  • Gain energy and expansion to your human field.
  • Experience more synchronicity through intentionally tapping into the alignment of your own Soul Blueprint.
  • Receive multidimensional clearing. You are a multidimensional being; you have access to your wisdom and gifts from this lifetime and other lifetimes, realities and dimensions.  When we take this into account, we’re able to call in certain soul fragments that are wanting to integrate into this lifetime that play a key role in your purpose.
  • Free yourself from limiting human beliefs, ancestral, trans-generational, societal, cultural, religious, and parental programming, and other earthbound energies that have been absorbed, limiting your potential.
  • Expand alignment to your power and true self and finally express yourself from a place of innate knowing.

How do I Connect to my Soul Blueprint?

1. Deprogramming Belief Systems 

These are false beliefs or “blueprints” that do not belong to you which have been taken on by parental, cultural, religious, societal, or ancestral programming. Deprogramming can be done by various methods such as healing through the Akashic Records, Reiki, Meditation, and other energy healing modalities.

2. Align to your Soul Blueprint

Energy follows intent. Through deprogramming false belief systems and simply by setting an intention to align to your Soul Blueprint, you’re giving a signal for the energy to follow. That’s how powerful you are!


A Proven Method

Architecture has been in existence ever since the Neolithic era. If we’ve been relying on the pre-building concepts to help us so much and get us this far, why have we not put the same effort into understanding and creating the best possible outcomes for our souls?

Now that we finally have a deeper understanding and the ability to tap into our soul blueprint, it is incredible what we can accomplish, and how this helps us begin to see the world even clearer. Things you intuitively just knew to begin to materialize. Time and space being meld into one another and the world just starts to make all kinds of sense.

Join the thousands who are now living true to their souls.
Try it out for yourself and see what I’m talking about – you’ll be glad you did. 

Are you ready to connect to your Soul’s blueprint? Write ‘YES’ in the comments below for a little extra encouragement.