The Sacred Crystal Codes awaken your Wisdom Through The Code Activations Of Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids. The Forecast For The Week is:

Crystal Code #22. Trust

This oracle brings the energy of trust into your life. This is the time to focus on gratitude and counting evidence of the many miracles you have experienced in life but have taken for granted.

If you are feeling frustrated for not seeing the results of your actions in the form of manifestation, it reminds you that the universe never makes a mistake, if you have not seen the manifestations of your desires there is an important piece in the present situation that needs your attention.

Trust that like attracts like, spend some time aligning with your intentions and trust that in time you will soon be able to collect the fruits of the seeds you planted.

The Crystal Grid

Sunstone reconnects your intentions to be of service to self and others and the lemurian crystals activate the energy of truth around it.

Crystal Code #25 – Angel Messages

This oracle brings blessings from the angelic realm. It is a confirmation of the angelic presence in your life, they see your question and their answer to it is yes. This is a great time for you to develop your intuition to receive messages from the angels, if you have not done so yet.

The Crystal Grid 

The labradorite at the center opens up the energy for awakening your own awareness of the angels’ messages.

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