PinHonoring yourself is a sacred act of rebellion. The world doesn’t always take kindly to those who take an alternative route. Raging against the collective consciousness of what is right, proper and responsible can throw up a lot of obstacles. But this wild-hearted approach to living is what activates your magic and self expression.

There are times I find myself crushing under the weight of what I should do, rather than trusting what I feel called to do. But when I go deeper inside I realize honoring the call of my inner wisdom is actually the path to wholeness. Good meaning people can protest when we try to take another approach because they are uncomfortable with owning their power.

Releasing Chatter and Honoring Your Truth

Seek out your inner truth. Sometimes that can feel lonely, isolating and draining. When you find yourself feeling the strain of living your truth, you are actually going through a psychic detox. Releasing the old, worn out patterns that have existed for longer than you can imagine. If you act from your wisest-self you will find yourself on a unique path of radical self-expression.

Your life is your prayer. Whatever you choose to do should honor and expand your soul. The path may not always be clear, but the calling will be strong when you listen to it. Cultivate a practice of going inward and hearing the chatter in your head, and the stirring in your heart.

Does your inner voice sound like fear?

If you are met with fear then you are not leading from your wisest-self. Rather, you are reacting to your truth, and feeling the strain of the collective consciousness around you. Delve deeper, slip further into your body and soul until you find your longing.

What do you long for?

What do you dream of?

What makes you feel alive (when you forgo analyzing if it is right or wrong, good or bad)?

Exalting the Jewels of Your Soul

Now you have a glimmering jewel of wisdom. A beautiful intention that you can act upon. Begin to build a world around this divine intention. Give it life, color, texture and a name. This can happen in whatever way you see fit. You could create a vision board of this desire so you can see it with your physical eyes. Or you can write about it. Whatever way you can explore this desire will feed your spirit.

Small steps toward your desires are all that is required. You do not have to make radical changes. Let the path unfold before you as you grow more interested and trusting of your feelings. When the voice of fear pops up, soothe it by saying: Right now I am playing with intention!


Be honest with yourself by looking for the black holes in your life.

  • What is sucking away your energy?
  • What are you tied to that doesn’t honor your spirit?
  • What is old and worn out?
  • Can you purge some of these attachments?

Whether these “black holes” are people, things, responsibilities or beliefs you can begin to let go. Usually it is combination of all the above. Because our inner world mirrored back to us through our outer life these things can be very revealing. Try giving away things that no longer tell your story. Say goodbye to people who no longer empower your spirit. And say no to things that only make you feel oppressed and unhappy.

Self-Compassion Kindles Self-Expression

Practice speaking to yourself kindly. Use affirmations, prayers and poetry to feed your spirit. Surround yourself with things that make you feel beautiful and alive. Your home, and workspace are sacred and should glow with an atmosphere of good feeling.

Try the following affirmations daily:

  • I live a magical life of authentic self-expression.
  • I am loving myself more, and more each day.
  • I honor my inner wisdom and the beauty of my soul.
  • Empowering opportunities are coming to me in infinite ways.

You can write your own to reflect your unique path of healing and self-expression!

A Magical Circle of Seekers

As you cultivate your personal practice and begin honoring yourself more and more pull other people into the mix. Having a magical tribe can generate more healing, wisdom, and accountability for your personal growth. It would also serve you to work with a spiritual practitioner who can offer guidance and insight, and help you through the darker times when you feel vulnerable or weak.

Always remember…

You are magic!