When I was sixteen I was told by a clairvoyant at a Psychic Fair in Leeds that I was the most sensitive person she had met that day. Back then, I didn’t really understand what she meant but as she predicted my sensitivity has heightened over the years resulting in many periods of self-doubt and low self-esteem.

Unquestionably, the challenging times I endured have contributed to the deep level of empathy I now offer to my clients as I assist them on their individual journeys to wellness.

Working with a Wellness Intuitive is like shining a flood light into a dark tunnel so you can clearly see your end destination and feel totally safe and secure along the way. It is essential to hold unwavering faith that each step of the way will be safe, secure and steady under your feet so that you do not disappear into a deep sinkhole. Many baby steps will support your passage towards the comforting light in the distance until you remember your true purpose and release the fears that keep you tethered in the dark.


Living The Low Life

Low self-esteem emerges from a belief that you are ‘less than’ other people. If you suffer from it you may experience a range of negative emotions such as fear, insecurity, and anxiety on a regular basis.

In its extreme form, this can lead to panic attacks but may also manifest as hypersensitivity, lack of assertiveness, lack of confidence, poor boundaries within relationships, self-sabotaging, anxiety, sexual dysfunction or depression. Symptoms of low self-esteem can sometimes last for many years so it is best to recognize them early so that you can take the necessary steps to eliminate any false perceptions that are preventing you living a prosperous and fulfilling life.

Open Up & Get Involved

Sensitive souls who suffer from low self-esteem tend to segregate themselves or avoid engaging in new activities to avoid appearing weak or looking foolish. For me, I chose not to get involved in any competitive sports, as I believed that I was not as athletic as my classmates.

Empaths may also remain in toxic relationships for the fear of being alone and prefer to stay quiet or back down to avoid confrontation. Until the age of thirty, I attracted a series of controlling partners who wanted me all to themselves and would get jealous and possessive if I spoke to anyone else. I would put up with this behaviour, as my low self-esteem would justify their actions as acceptable because I was so desperate for love and affection.

It is important for them to realize that it is entirely acceptable to ask for help and that is normal to make mistakes, as this will prevent you from disliking yourself so much.



3 simple steps to restore self-esteem, inner peace, and true purpose

To release self-doubt and anxiety you can:

  1. Analyze the beliefs you hold about yourself, identify where they may have originated from and consciously make a decision to release the ones that restrict your happiness.
  2. Stop procrastinating. If we fail we are actually one step closer to success.
  3. Recognize the relief you feel when forgiving yourself and others and remember that it is not always all about you.

Usually, the self-doubt or other restrictive emotions that you carry through life originate from a point in time between the ages of 0-7 years old. During meditation, I was able to trace mine right back to primary school when I was humiliated by one of my teachers for being ‘too big for my boots’ in front of a class full of older pupils. I remember my face turning scarlet and nearly exploding with heat.

This embarrassment would resurface frequently until my late teens and would be triggered by any situation that demanded that I speak my authentic truth.

To avoid such an awkward encounter I decided to stay quiet and not assert myself. This became my script for many years as it kept me safe.



Identifying Your Trigger

Take a few moments to relax, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Imagine a white light entering through the top of your head until it floods throughout your entire body.

Next, ask your higher-self to identify the first time you felt the emotion you are having difficultly with. If you do not have a conscious memory of it please do not worry, just use your intuition to reveal the relevant insights.

Once you have an idea, ask yourself whereabouts you feel that emotion in your body and imagine breathing the white light into that space until it dissolves entirely.

Set an intention in the form of an affirmation or mantra to transform the emotion, banishing it from your being across all time and space.

Then ask your angels for clear guidance on new ways of responding so that you can continue to evolve with more joy, confidence, and fulfillment.

Finally, start to become aware of your breath as you open your eyes and become fully present in the day.

Hopefully, you will feel lighter than before. Continue to observe your behavioral responses and reactions over the next few days and notice what arises for you. Remember that wellness is a journey. It is similar to peeling the layers from an onion. You may notice other feelings surfacing so tackle them in a similar fashion. Emotions need to be healed through our hearts in the present to embrace the prospect of stepping into a better version of you and do the work…

What emotions are you experiencing that you are ready to abandon?