If you want to fully understand Karma, it is essential to question how this Eastern philosophy has been significantly westernized.

The karma ideology has found its roots in India but is being accepted by many religions across the globe. In many countries in Asia, people believe the association of karma with rebirth. They believe that karma of the past life determines the nature and quality of present life.

Karma means action, work or deed and is not a punishment or a reward. It is more about cause and effect. It is the result of your past intents and actions in this lifetime and previous incarnations. It will determine what you will attract to yourself in the future. Karma is often likened to Newton’s law of cause and effect. However, this comparison only partially explains one part of this deep subject.

When bad things happen to you, it’s not because you are receiving negative karma for sins previously committed. Karmic justice is more of an opportunity for you to learn a lesson and make the necessary changes to break the cycle. Changing our karma is a gradual process and what we do today will change our future lives.

To influence it, you need to intentionally take the positive actions which will manifest as the positive outcomes you truly require. In turn, this will result in you experiencing a meaningful life.

Here are my top 10 truths about karma and what you can do to break its powerful hold over you so you can set yourself free.

1. Self-Awareness and Intention Are The Keys

When breaking karmic patterns, very small actions makes a massive difference. The more self-aware you become of your thoughts and actions the easier it will become to align with the corresponding behaviors. Selflessness will demonstrate your true intentions. Seek to improve the quality of life for those around you by being accommodating and helpful.

2. Learn The Lesson

History repeats itself until we learn from it and change our path. You can overcome negative karma. It works in mysterious ways and sometimes learning your lesson is all that is needed in order to wipe your slate clean. Remember that nothing changes unless you change so learn the lesson, make decisions and then take inspired action towards your goals.

Pin3. Acceptance Inspires Courage

We must accept something before we can change it. Remember that what you resist will not only persist but will grow bigger. Acceptance of your current situation is the first step and then own up to the fact that your actions and behaviors have contributed to your current life situation. Then you will find the courage to make the required changes.

4. Take Responsibility For Your Creations

We are 100% responsible for what happens in our lives. If we have good karma or bad karma it is no one’s fault but our own. Don’t blame anyone else for what you are facing. Harness the opportunities and ideas that come to you. You will become what you continue to see around you, so surround yourself with the things which are aligned with where you are going and who you want to be.

5. Improve Yourself Daily

By changing ourselves, we change our lives. Your inner life controls your outer reality. There are always aspects of you that can be improved upon, even if you already think you are perfect. The more you align with the best version of yourself through cultivating positive thoughts the more you will influence the law of cause and effect. When you think that you desire a change in your life, then start with yourself and observe how beautifully things fall in place.

6. Be Kind, Helpful & Positive


Whatever we put into the universe will come back to us.

The more good deeds you do the better. If you love and care for others, then they will definitely reciprocate the same to you and if you act evil or perform cunning deeds, then you won’t be spared by similar acts of others. Things may be challenging in your life right now but the more good things you do in your life it is going to pay off in the end. Take positive, inspired action to attract good karma.

7. Everything Is Connected

The past, the present, and the future are all connected. Your future is a culmination of your previous choices and actions. Only take steps that are consistent with your desired destination and you will flow effortlessly towards your dreams.

8. Be Present & Focus On Your Values

The present counts much more than the past or the future so try not to dwell on previous wins or losses or get lost in your dreams of the future. Instead, use these to propel you forward by taking positive action in the here and now. Concentrate only on the things in your life that you value and try and recognize the lessons in negative events.

9. Persistence & Patience Create Reward

The most valuable rewards require persistence. Rewards are a result of the effort and energy we put into our lives. Hard work ultimately pays off. You just need to remain patient. Try not to get bogged down with comparing yourself to the success of another as this may send you off track. Instead, just remember all your unique qualities will enhance self-worth.

10. Contribute To The Collective

Your individual decisions and actions will become your eventual contributions to society. Our intentions and actions build up massive energy which will impact all of us. Your actions should, therefore, provide value and inspiration to others.

Whether you believe in karma or not, these truths will help you if your desire is to have a joyous and fulfilled life. By mastering each of these steps you will enjoy a more empowered and purposeful life and prevent the creation of a difficult and undesirable future. Please leave a comment to let me what your thoughts are about karma and how it may be impacting your life right now.