spirit guidanceI truly believe that we are never alone. Spirit would never leave you to struggle by yourself on the most courageous expedition of your soul’s evolution: life as a human being. You are always surrounded by angels, spirit guides, and loved ones who have passed who want to help you thrive as you experience what you came here to experience.

I used to think that only gifted, special people could get messages from their spirit guides. I know now that this is not true. Everyone has intuition, and we all have the ability to communicate with angels, guides, and loved ones who have passed. It just takes practice, desire, and the knowledge to distinguish between your own thoughts, and the thoughts of your guides.

Everything in the universe is made of energy.

You are made of energy, and so are angels and spirit guides. When I’m doing a reading for someone, spirit guides surround me as a collective. It’s like one, big circle of love and wisdom that merges with my energy, and gives me answers at lightning speed.

In my experience, you can ask your guides for help every day. For little things and big things, for help with your moods or perspectives, and for help getting through challenges with less fear. A simple request in your own words is enough:

“Spirit guides, please help me heal my broken heart.”
“Spirit guides, please guide me to the right partner/job/opportunities.”
“Spirit guides, please help me to forgive so I can move on.”

You can ask them to help you heal your physical body, or heal any blocks to your happiness. Ask them to help you heal whatever might be in the way of experiencing your soul mate relationship. Ask them for signs that you are on the right track. Ask them to play an uplifting song on the radio, one that you know is just for you.

So how can you actually get messages back from them?

Think of it this way. I could ask you to close your eyes right now and imagine a tennis ball in front of you. And you could do that easily, right? You know what a tennis ball looks like. Your Spirit Guides use that same blank canvas of your imagination to send you images, thoughts, words, and ideas. The only difference is that those objects are coming from them, not you.

How do you know you’re not just “making it up?” Here are two key differences between your thoughts and the thoughts of your Guides.

1. Your thoughts have a tendency to be critical…

…while the thoughts of your Guides will never, ever judge or criticize you. Messages from our Guides are loving, kind and supportive, always. If you hear something that sounds like, “You should have known better. That was really stupid,” it comes from your inner judge, not your guides.

2. Messages and thoughts from guides happen very fast, and are in your mind in an instant.

You just know. The thoughts or images will arrive faster than the time it takes you to construct a tennis ball in your mind.

how to receive messages from your guides 2Guides also communicate with us through signs.

A sign from your guides can be anything you find that has meaning for you. I have found jewelry, coins, ornaments, feathers, and unique stones during walks around my neighborhood. In each case, I was thinking about something specific, or asking a question about my life at the exact instant I looked down and saw an object in the road, waiting for me to pick it up.

Sometimes guides send you messages through other people. You may receive a message to read a particular book, or someone may suggest a movie that is helpful for you. The important thing is to be open to receiving answers in all ways.

Asking Your Guides Questions

Many times, when people start talking to their guides, they ask questions that invalidate their personal authority. For example, “Should I move to a new location?” Or, “Should I take that job?” Those kinds of questions are placing the responsibility of your choices on your guides, and they can never make decisions for you. As guides, they are meant to guide you, not tell you what to do.

Here is a better way of phrasing your questions, which keeps the responsibility of your decisions with you.

  • What do I need to know about this relationship? How is it serving me?
  • What would my life look like if I left my job?
  • What would my life look like if I marry this person?
  • What’s the next thing I need to focus on to make my dream come true?
  • Why isn’t this situation working?
  • How can I best be of service to my family during this challenging time?

As you ask questions, close your eyes and pay attention to what you pick up. You may receive a feeling, thought, idea, or image.

Getting Better At It

light from your spirit guidesI suggest keeping a journal to write down what you see/feel/hear. Please be patient with yourself. You won’t “hear” with your physical ears, or “see” with your physical eyes. You’ll hear as though you’re listening to your own brain chatter — except it won’t be yours, and you’ll see the way you see an imagined tennis ball in your head. It may take awhile to trust what you’re getting, and that’s okay. It took me awhile to believe — I mean, really believe — that my guides were real and talking to me. I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve received so many messages from them that there’s no more doubt.

Spirit guides also want you to know that you are wiser than you realize, and have many answers within you already. Deep down, you know what you really want. You know your magnificence at the deepest level, and you know you’re capable of working miracles in your life. They stress the importance of going within for answers, of sitting quietly with yourself, and feeling your feelings about what’s happening in your life.

Your body also reflects what you know. The body’s built-in guidance system is in the form of feelings. If you need to know how you really feel about something or someone, or whether you really want to pursue a relationship that’s being offered to you, sit quietly and imagine yourself in a relationship with that person. What happens in your body? Do you feel excited and full of energy? Or does your body feel drained and tired, and maybe a little apprehensive?

You can do this exercise when you’re trying to make an important decision, such as whether to take a job offer or stay where you are. Imagine both paths, and see what signals your body sends you. The more stressful option will always feel more stressful in your body, and it’s telling you that the less stressful option is a better choice.

A Message From Your Guides

Your guides want you to remember that you are so much wiser, stronger, and connected than you realize. It took such courage to come here and experience life in physical form. Spirit guides are always telling me how brave, wise, and amazing people are, even when they are cut off from that perception of themselves. Please know this applies to you. You are extraordinary, and so very loved.

About Jessica McKay

Jessica McKay is an intuitive counselor and the author of The Wisdom of a Psychic Cat ~ 15 Lessons on Happiness for Humans. She is co-author of When Heaven Touches Earth by James Van Praagh and others. Jessica offers private readings and energy healing sessions at JessicaMcKay.com.

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