Ever wondered if you could be psychic?

Well, listen up – there’s no “could” about it!

Virtually everyone on the planet has the potential to access the psychic abilities of some kind. Psychic gifts aren’t all about cavorting with the dead, and getting sudden hits of information about the woman sitting next to you at the bus stop.  It’s a misnomer that being psychic has to be something extreme.

Simple intuition, instinct, and a sense of something being “off” when you walk into a room are all examples of psychic abilities, and it’s likely you’ve likely experienced at least one of these things in normal, everyday life.

Yet the reason they’re so hard to gauge is that these innate knowings or feelings seem to exist beyond the five senses we all know and love:

  • sight
  • hearing
  • smell
  • taste
  • touch

It’s why being psychic is often referred to as having a “sixth sense”.

It’s true that some people are born into the world with this sixth sense more developed than others. Yet that’s not to say that if yours is a little lacking, you can’t learn to develop it.

Here’s How:

1. Meditate

Set aside 5 minutes each day to simply sit in silence and focus on your breath. This is foundational, yet really hard for a lot of people.

Meditation enables you to tune into yourself, your thoughts, feelings, and body. By gently releasing those thoughts and feelings, you’ll start to access the deeper you – the part of you that is connected to Source, and where your intuition and psychic gifts reside

Head HERE for some beginners meditation tips

2. Slow down and notice

Everything holds an energetic vibration. And the fact that you don’t feel or sense these vibrations, probably has more to do with how much time and attention you give your surroundings than your psychic abilities.

So slow down.

Spend time not just looking, but sensing into what’s around you – objects, buildings, landscapes, and other people. If you pick up a feeling, trust it.


3. Try psychometry

This is a super-simple practice that aims to “read” information from an object. It’s more intentional than the last point.

Simply pick up an object, close your eyes and see if you can intuitively sense, or feel anything about it or its’ owner. Remember, information may come through physical feelings, images, sounds, or even smells.

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4. Go through a box of old photos

Similar to the psychometry method described above, this time pick up old family photos, and as you gaze at the people they depict, see if you can pick up any information about who they were. Again, be open to any information coming through – from ancestral memories, to the skills they had, to personal information.

5. Practice seeing Auras.

This is super fun, and something anyone can do. It’s a great way to while away a lazy afternoon! There are techniques to help – so head over to this post to find out more.

6. Read Oracle Cards or Tarot

Asking questions, and pulling cards is a really great way to develop those psychic muscles.
Not only are the acts of sensing into the cards, shuffling, posing the “right” question, and laying a spread all opportunities to tune into the subtle realms, but actually reading and interpreting the cards requires a fair amount of intuition.

Because of the multi-layered, metaphorical nature of oracle cards and tarot, they’re a great way to shift out of that left-brain way of thinking, which psychic development requires.


7. Seek Out Other Psychics, Mediums, and Psychonauts.

You cannot underestimate the importance of community. When starting out on a journey of psychic development, not only will other people help to encourage and reassure you, but they’ll also keep you motivated. When the rest of the world is firmly stuck in the rational mind, a group of kindred souls will accelerate your growth.

8. Spend Time in Nature

Nature is naturally high vibrational.

Yet many of our homes – especially if you live in a city – interrupt this energy flow with roads, and buildings, electricity, wifi and a host of other man-made technologies. Now, there’s nothing “wrong” with all of this. But think about it – if you like in an apartment, you’re basically living inside a cage of wires, pipes, and cables.

Getting away from all of this can give your mind, body, and spirit a break, enabling your more spiritual self to flex its own energetic frequency. It’s very, very good for tapping into higher guidance.

9. Test yourself

Once you begin to get a sense of how your psychic “voice” expresses itself, test it.

  • Does your body lean in when it’s a “yes”?
  • Or do you feel cold when it’s a “no”?
  • Or perhaps you hear whispered voices, or sense an inner knowing, directing you?

Set your psychic self simple challenges every day, go with the outcome, and see what happens.

Ask yourself –

  • Should I wear the red dress or the blue sweater?
  • Shall I go out tonight, or get up early in the morning instead?
  • Should I eat lunch in this café, or grab a coffee and sit on that bench…

Start simple, and have fun with it!

10. Trust Yourself

This is paramount. There’s no point in doing the work if you don’t believe what you intuition is telling you!

SO if you get an intuitive hit to call your friend – call them. Or if you get a psychic sense that you need to avoid a certain route home and walk the long way round (even though it’s raining) then walk the long way round.

This is a journey!

Be gentle with yourself, yet stay strong in your conviction to develop psychically, because you are still in the minority. Yet once you begin to strengthen this innate part of yourself, life won’t be the same.

Psychic Intuition can be the guiding light in life that we all crave – leading you towards more pleasure, enjoyment, and your highest potential. And when choices seem not to make a whole heap of sense (AKA when it gets hard to trust that inner voice) you’re being tested. Don’t cave. The rewards will be worth it!

Want to learn more about your psychic gifts?

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