Cosmic soul connections on your soul path…

There are many predestined soul connections to be made on your souls’ journey. Each connection is important as we all walk each other home.

Here are some of the connections you can expect to encounter…

1) The Reminders

These are the people who remind us of our worth and who we really are. They may be family or friends. They are candles of hope in our lives when we have lost hope. They remind us of our gifts and talents and will want us to reach our fullest potential to live out our life purpose. These people invoke knowledge and remain etched on your souls forever.

2) People Who Help You to Grow

These are our teachers and can take many forms. It takes a village to rear a child and these teachers can hold many spaces and places in our lives, teaching us many things about life. From our educators to our spiritual teachers they all help us to grow into ourselves.

Soulmates also help us to find the truth of who we are and our own internal power as we strive to find true love and connection in the world.

3) Our Cheerleaders

These are the ones who wish to see great good happen to us in life and they are eternal friends. We may even feel that we have journeyed with them before in other lifetimes. They are constant companions and they understand our soul story at a deep level and will encourage us to be our best selves and fulfill our dreams. They can also appear as pet animals and are steadfast in loyalty to protect and support our return to love.

discover your soul connections

4) The Messengers

These come in many forms and are often random people who we chance to meet who brings nuggets of wisdom to touch our soul in our brief encounter with them in a deep and profound way. These soul connections are divinely timed and have the ability to change the trajectory of our lives and are important cosmic connections that should be honored for their place in your lives.

5) Contrast Showers and Testers

There are people who come into our lives and the way they conduct themselves pushes our buttons and gets under our skin. These are important people who test our values and make us soul search our own truth in a bid to love them in life. They can show us so much about who we are and what we really stand for in our lives, as they test our patience and understanding of what life is really all about.

They can be family or friends and they are cosmic characters predestined to bring us face to face with our truth and to illuminate our souls’ as we journey on our path.

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About Julianna Jay

Irish mystic Julianna Jay is a poetic word smith, soul reader, scribe and pure channel. Her words reveal divine guidance from a higher council of light beings through Source energy. Julianna channels from the archangel realms, the ascended masters, and saints, filling her writing with the unconditional love and energy of the divine. She has been interviewed many times in the U.S. and Europe on radio and television and her scribings are often featured in 11.11 Magazine, a U.S.-based publication with a global readership. Connect with Julianna via her website at HERE or on Facebook

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