Excitement, freedom and cheeky rebellion. Sound fun? Well, that’s exactly what’s on the cards when the Sun conjuncts Uranus on April 30. And breaking free from old routines is the number one way to embrace the vibe of the day.

Are you ready?

Sun Conjunct Uranus Transit

During the Sun conjunct Uranus transit, you’ll feel the urge to shake things up. Sometimes, especially with Uranus in the mix, the changes that enter your life could be unexpected or forced. But remember, just go with it!

Under this sky, breaking free from old routines and doing something that you normally wouldn’t is where you’ll feel happiest. Even if you normally thrive off structure and stability (looking at you Capricorn and Taurus), this is a time to throw caution to the wind and let your hair down.

Make sure this ‘shake-up’ involves some movement though. If you don’t keep busy, you could end up getting restless and tense.

This transit can lead to positive changes but there is also the risk of permanent and damaging consequences if you don’t channel the energy properly.

On the one hand, you may experience a more ‘big picture’ view of life and achieve a higher level of self-awareness and consciousnessOn the other hand, your newfound perception could cause you to act recklessly.

As a general rule, go into this transit with an open mind and a light heart. When you are presenting with situations that you wouldn’t normally embrace, embrace them. When you feel the urge to break the chains of routine, go for it. But don’t, at all costs, act out against authority or rebel just for the heck of it. Act cautiously around work and career-related things today as, if you don’t, you might not have a job to go back to!

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Sun Conjunct Uranus Natal

If you have Sun conjunct Uranus in your natal chart, there’s one keyword to describe you; erratic!

There will be some area of your life for which people find you weird (but usually in a good way!). But that’s ok. You like the kooky side of yourself and you’re happy to stand out in a crowd.

People with this natal alignment have something unusual in their self-expression. Your sense of style and the way you hold yourself may challenge the status quo. You may have an obsession or interest in something that isn’t considered normal or mainstream. Or you might just conduct yourself in a zaney, erratic manner!

Change is a common theme in your life but it’s not something that people always understand about you. Your higher consciousness allows you to almost predict how your current course will affect your future and you’re happy to course-correct quickly and ruthlessly.

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