When Venus Conjuncts Uranus, excitement and unexpected change are on the cards. There is magic in the air, and it’s your job to embrace it whenever and wherever you can!

Venus Conjunct Uranus Transit

During this transit, it’s likely that you’ll embrace your rebellious side a little! So, if you’re stuck in an old routine, you might find yourself trying everything you can to break free. 

Even if you don’t normally love change, you’ll feel more comfortable about shaking things up when Venus conjuncts Uranus.

The changes coming your way could be a result of your desire to mix things up, or they could come from out of the blue (or so it seems). Either way, this transit favours those who take a chance on a new and exciting adventure. So, jump in!

Since Venus is the planet of love and money, you can expect that some of the changes coming your way will pertain to this area of your life. If you’re stuck in a rut in your relationship or you’ve found yourself in a dead-end job, don’t be surprised if today’s the day that you do something about it.

In your relationship, that doesn’t necessarily indicate a breakup. Instead, you may feel inspired to make some changes that spice up your love life and reignite that spark.

In your professional life, you may find yourself plucking up the courage to ask for a pay rise. Or, it may be more simple than that – you may just decide that taking yourself for some impromptu retail therapy may be just what you need.

Although all the signs of the zodiac will experience some level of excitement, it’s earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, who will find it especially invigorating.

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Venus Conjunct Uranus Natal

Does Venus conjunct Uranus in your natal chart? If so, it’s likely that you’ll see some interesting twists and turns in your love life over the course of your life. Sometimes this can be a favorable aspect, sometimes not.

Venus Conjunct Uranus people can find a great level of excitement when it comes to their relationships – they’re usually not the ones stuck in a rut and are proactive about keeping the spark alive. 

On the flip side, the instability and unpredictability when it comes to love might lead to them to leave relationships thinking ‘what went wrong?’

And the same goes for money; usually, things go one way or another. Exciting financial wins or unexpected and sudden financial losses. Such is the nature of unpredictable Uranus!

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