When the Moon sextiles Uranus, your urge to step outside your comfort zone will be amplified. The Universe is calling you to be bold, be brave and go for it! Try something new, even if it feels a little scary!

Moon Sextile Uranus Transit

The Moon-Uranus sextile encourages us all to try something new and shake up old routines. Your openness to change will be on the rise and you’ll actually seek out new adventures.

Today, you’re looking for some excitement! And that can be found in something as small as changing up your daily routine. On a larger scale, you might feel the urge to make drastic decisions that will completely change your life. And that’s fine, as long as you let your intuition be your guide.

Today, if you embrace your inquisitive nature and seize the opportunities that come your way, you’ll find the Universe will reward you. In fact, during this transit, honoring the gifts and blessings the Universe is bestowing upon you will inevitably lead to more…

Remember, things today do not happen by chance. Even the smallest ‘coincidence’ should be analyzed for its opportunity.

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