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Mercury is a fast-moving planet in the solar system and it rules over our fast-thinking minds, communication, technology, and transportation. Uncovering Mercury in your birth chart can show you a lot about how you think and process information.

For your business, Mercury can show you its natural marketing and communication style. When doing readings, I like to help business owners interpret the placement of Mercury in their business’s birth chart and apply this marketing method to their niche.

If you can pull up your business’s birth chart, find the planet that looks a little like a person with antennas.

Take note of its zodiac sign and house placement and use the information below to interpret your business’s best marketing/social media/communication style.

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Mercury in The Astrology Houses

Mercury in the 1st House

If you have Mercury in the 1st house, your business’s “mind” will be one of leadership. This is a self-reflective placement, meaning that the way you communicate will be through the lens of the self or your business’s identity. A great way to take advantage of this energy is to use lots of examples from your own personal experience throughout your copy.

Mercury in the 2nd House

With Mercury in the 2nd house, you should tap into people’s values. The 2nd house rules over the labels we attach to ourselves, as well as the physical things. Your business is naturally concerned with motivating people to manifest their dream life, value themselves, and accumulate wealth. A great way to take advantage of this energy is to use examples in your copy of how your offering can bring great monetary or internal value into people’s lives. You can also create content that centers around your values as a company.

Mercury in the 3rd House

With Mercury in the 3rd house, your business loves to chat, share ideas and create open dialogue! This house is all about connection and communication and is the natural placement for Mercury. To take advantage of this energy, I recommend creating a marketing strategy that involves tons of engagement, polling your audience and creating content you know they want.

Mercury in the 4th House

With Mercury in the 4th house, your business’s marketing strategy would be considered more traditional and focused on wholesome values. Your business would like a foundational marketing strategy that you can create, repeat and refine over the years. To take advantage of this energy, you can create a hashtag or repeatable, recognizable symbol of your brand to use again and again.

Mercury in the 5th House

With Mercury in the 5th house, your business likes to communicate in a way that feels fun and playful.  The 5th house rules the pleasures of life, so you are here to add to the enjoyment of others through your words. How can you create art with your posts and copy? It’s more than just getting your ideas across- it’s a whole sensory experience.

Mercury in the 6th House

With Mercury in the 6th house, your business likes to be a problem-solver in its marketing. You are here to be of service to others even in a simple Instagram post. Consider how you can distill information in a way that is useful for your audience, even if it is a sales page.

Mercury in the 7th House

With Mercury in the 7th house, your business is a natural diplomat. You are here to create greater inclusivity through your brand message. Consider how every member of your audience will feel and react when you write something. Be vigilant that your copy is representative of all types of people so that everyone can find a home in your words.

Mercury in the 8th House

With Mercury in the 8th house, your business desires to communicate in a way that is truly vulnerable, deep and intimate. There shouldn’t be any separation between you and your audience – they should feel like a close friend. Consider how you can open up more in your copy and social media posts. People will gravitate towards your honesty and relatability.

Mercury in the 9th House

With Mercury in the 9th house, your business desires to teach other through its communication. There’s so much knowledge your business is holding and any opportunity to share your experience and wisdom is much appreciated with this placement.

Mercury in the 10th House

With Mercury in the 10th house, your business is meant to be seen as an authority and well-respected in your niche. Its communication and marketing strategy should be formal, professional and elite. You want your business to be seen as the best of the best.

Mercury in the 11th House

With Mercury in the 11th house, your business desires to connect with a wide audience and bring people together for a bigger purpose. How can you use your marketing to promote equality, a humanitarian effort or something beyond your business?

Mercury in the 12th House

With Mercury in the 12th house, your business is probably not desiring to have a huge marketing strategy or social media presence. When you do connect with your audience, it’s through a soulful flow that feels good to you on an intuitive level.

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The zodiac sign will show you the flavor in which you approach your communication as a company. Use some of the words below and pair it with the house placement to determine how you can approach creating a “marketing personality” for your brand that clients will come to know and love.

The Personality Traits of Each Sign:

Aries – independent, fiery, passionate, quick wins, leadership

Taurus – hard working, steady and slow

Gemini – talk about a variety of topics, shorter media, open to new ideas

Cancer – nurturing, loving

Leo – playful, fun, child-like, inspiring, leadership

Virgo – practical, efficient and systemic

Libra – beautiful, balanced, harmonious

Scorpio – sexy, uncovers deeper motives, psychologically-driven, not afraid of taboo topics

Sagittarius – blunt, adventurous, bold, no fear, motivational

Capricorn – hard working, structured, mentor, teacher, advisor, well planned

Aquarius – intellectual, caring yet aloof

Pisces – sensitive, spiritual, emotional

I hope you discover the perfect way to market and communicate as a company. I always suggest pairing this with the influence of your personal Mercury to get a better sense of what is intending to come through for both you and your business.

What did you discover about your communication style? Let us know in the comments below…

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