Feeling misunderstood?

Can’t quite get your point across?

Or are you being silenced whilst others speak up?

We all know how hard it can be to actually have our voices heard in this age of information overload, but when it comes to communicating, are you playing to your strengths?

And more to the point, do you know what your strengths actually are?

Enter Mercury!

Tarnished with the slightly unfair brush of causing only mischief and mayhem whenever it moves retrograde through the skies, Mercury isn’t all bad news! In fact, it’s an awesome little ally to have on your side – as ruler of communication, connection, travel and technology, this light-winged messenger has a huge bearing on the way we interact and relate to each other. It also has a big part to play in how we think, process and share information… all things told it’s a punchy planetary packet!


Taking around 3-4 weeks to move through a single sign (unless it’s going through one of its thrice-yearly retrogrades) Mercury moves fast. But so must our minds most of the time, so knowing a little more about how and where this speedy sidekick sits in your personal birth chart can be mighty revealing regarding your communication styles…

So if you can’t ever make a decision without calling a conference, if you struggle to speak up in a crowd but are fine one-to-one, or if you need to see everything written down for it to make any sense, well, your natal Mercury sign could be the reason why. But before you enter into the blame game (Mercury gets enough already!) this vital piece of your personal astrology can also indicate those great communication-character strengths too!

First, find out which zodiac sign Mercury was transiting when you were born.

Mercury sign Aries

You’re someone who’s mind is set on fast forward, so decisions are made fast. With such an assertive communication style, ever feel like you’re moving through conversations like you’re ticking of a list? (If you don’t, I’ll bet your work and social circles do!

Direct and precise, Mercury in Aries doesn’t like waiting around for someone else to make their point!

You’re probably unlikely to relish deep and intimate conversations. It’s not that it’s head over heart (fire signs like Aries have a lot of heart) but efficiency rules, and emotions take time. You, Mercury in Aries, like to move fast. BUT… without taking the time to examine all the details, information can sometimes get overlooked. Find yourself often having to smooth over silly trip-ups and mistakes? A little less haste could be the medicine you need to keep the drama down and the dopamine high.


Mercury sign Taurus

Whilst Mercury likes us to speed up, you’re someone who likes to slow your communication style down. With conversations taking on a deliberate and meaningful air, you need to think carefully about what you saying and how you saying it. That email that someone else could spin out in a couple of minutes ever seem to take you half a day? It’s only because you care!

The energy of Taurus is also practical and no-nonsense, and the way you process information reflects this. You’re thorough. And when faced with tough decisions, Mercury in Taurus provides one of the best energy signatures for logically working out the pros and cons and rationally basing the next step on hard evidence, over the whimsy of a hunch.

Some may call you a know-it-all. We know you are!

Mercury sign Gemini

As Gemini’s ruling planet (along with sister sign Virgo) here, Mercury is at home and its speed and velocity a mere walk in the park!

Your mind moves at 100 mph, as thoughts, facts, figures, and opinions all stream through you at lightning speed. You’re chatty and confident and quite possibly, totally incapable of keeping your mouth shut under any circumstances! Been asked to keep a secret? Not for much longer… Merc in Gemini doesn’t know how to.

As a sign (and planet) ruled by the mind, logic rules and so does the last thing somebody said to you… until you strike up another unexpected conversation and get taken on yet another tangent… This is the astrological signature of a thousand open tabs on your browser.

But you’re adaptable. The energy of Gemini is curious and experimental, so you’re someone who’s always open to learning a new skill and doing things differently. Never say never.

Mercury sign Cancer

You’re someone who filters life through how you feel.

As an intuitive communicator, like sister water signs Scorpio and Pisces, you relate to people based on what your emotional body is picking up from them, rather than what they’re saying with their words. Because of this, the fast-tracking planet has to slow down in your company and it can take you a little while to process information. It’s all good – you teach us all the art of patience!

You’re also one of the best active listeners in the Zodiac. You likely think nothing of spending an hour witnessing your friend’s emotional unburdening… and as a cardinal sign, Cancer is eager and action-oriented so the good advice (solicited only, of course) will swiftly follow.

The energy of Moon-ruled Cancer is highly family-focused so tender conversations with your kin feels soo much more scrummy than casual meet-ups with mere acquaintances. Scheduling in time with those you love deeply is a must with Mercury here in Cancer, as is keeping your creature comforts close.


Mercury sign Leo

You like to bring flair to the way you communicate!

It’s not enough to just pass on a message – Leo needs it to be done with style and panache! Finding ways to be creative and funny often feel like a game you want to win but be careful you’re not awarded the label of being superficial. Nobody wants that. So let your passion and enthusiasm erupt in ways that are heartfelt, and not just ways that will raise a laugh (even though we all know how much you love an in-joke!)

One of your biggest pleasures is leading from the front. Others who are looking for a leader often hanging onto your every word and you have the power to speak with real integrity! But watch out for needless drama. We know how much you thrive on excitement, often conjuring it out of thin air, which ends up wasting everybody’s time. This king of the jungle can just as easily divide and conquer, as reign supreme from the heart.

Mercury sign Virgo

Along with sister signs Gemini, in Virgo Mercury is at home which means this astrology is pretty special!

You’re organized.

And the way you relate to people is highly efficient and your no-nonsense communication skills mean that when you’re involved, meetings finish in half their usual time, as agendas are run through and action points devised at lightning speed!

But unless you’re careful, you could get yourself pigeon-holed as a bit of a control-freak streak. Virgo energy likes to streamline everything and while this does have major benefits, the super-high level of perfectionism that you thrive in leaves little room for the chaos and creativity that actually makes life exciting.

Watch out too for being over-critical in your communications with others. Keep your style tactful – you may think your helping, but no-one likes being told they’re doing it wrong.


Mercury sign Libra

To you, relationships are everything.

Your diplomacy levels are sky high, as this corner of the Zodiac needs to keep everyone connected and reading from the same page.

Your harmonious and peace-keeping communication style means discussions that need to happen will always end well when you’re involved. But you often slip into people pleasing just a little too easily. With Mercury in balanced Libra, the first sign of drama or disagreement sends up a warning flare, and you tend to back off, rather than actually sort out your differences and truly grow.

Indecisive, Libra?

You’re somebody who can rarely act unless you’ve garnered the opinions of everyone else you can think of. Decisions are only made when everyone’s had their input, so it’s vital for you to get super familiar to the type of knowing that comes from your inner compass.

And you’re also the socialite of the Zodiac! ALways a “yes” to parties, gatherings, and social occasions, meeting new people is a breeze for you but be wary of abandoning connections you already have – resist getting lazy and taking your nearest and dearest for granted. They still want to see your face too!

Mercury sign Scorpio

You’re a strategic communicator.

Getting to the heart of the matter is your number one priority, so small talk is often bypassed completely and you go for the jugular. Why waste time?

Your communications with other people always need to feel authentic and truthful. (although that doesn’t stop you holding back in the truth department… Scorpio, you’re the Zodiac’s best secret keeper).

Mercury in Scorpio is great at reading between the lines – you have the knack of intuitively picking up on what others are thinking and feeling, and can detect a phony a mile off.

You can be highly motivational. Whether you’re on stage public speaking, or one-to-one with your S.O, impassioned and powerful communication seems to emerge under this astrology…. when something is said under this sky, there’s a world of intent behind it.


Mercury sign Sagittarius

You, Merc in Sagittarius, are a master storyteller. You can make a walk to the shop sound like a hair-raising adventure so you’re likely rarely without a willing audience hanging off your every word. But when it comes to returning the favor, you probably feel a lot less like sitting and listening to other people’s stories than you do creating your own. A communication style full of intrigue and conspiracy are the hallmarks of this astrology.

Thanks to Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter, you’re somebody who grows and evolves when you communicate with others. After a good conversation, you feel like anything is possible! But watch out for “blind” optimism taking hold – leaving the facts of reality behind completely means you could set yourself up for a fall. So as unwelcome as it may be to say, try to keep those feet on the ground and consider the practicalities of what you end up plotting!

Mercury sign Capricorn

You’re ambitious and supremely focused on your goals and career, and your communication style reflects this in a big way.

Capricorn gives you a level head, making you think and speak in logical, rational, linear ways. Have a tough decision to make? It’s not tough for you, Merc in Capricorn! As an analytical communicator, you find it easy to set all the possibilities out on the table, so you can figure out how to get the best long-term results from any situation. It’s why you make such a great leader – life is your workplace, so let’s begin!

You’re probably well-known within your circles as exactly the type to keep your cool and always rise to the top!

Saturn-ruled Capricorn’s zone is always well-organized. Your communication is traditional and held by etiquette. You rarely cut corners and like other earth signs Taurus and Virgo, you make sure you plan things meticulously.

But your single-mindedness and that edge of skepticism mean it’s a challenge for you to relate to people on an emotional level – who wants displays of affection when there are serious conversations to be had?!


Mercury sign Aquarius

You and your rebellious streak!

You think nothing of stirring up the conversational soup with some sticky statements or striking up a debate for no other reason than to ruffle a few feathers. But it’s never about a conflict.

The energy of Aquarius is all about team-playing and your communication is always a means to an end to bring people together for the collective good. But that doesn’t stop the lateral thinking, quirky expressions and probing the depths of what’s acceptable when in company.

Like other air signs Gemini and Libra, communicating and expressing yourself using modern technologies carry you far, (and the added emotional detachment it exactly your communication style), Merc in Aquarius. Whether your tweeting to thousands with the click of a button or dictating your latest bombshell realizations through an app on your phone, you need your communications feel like a whole lot more futuristic than the trusty (but SO last-century) pen and paper.

And whilst you may feel like you’re streaks above the rest (yeah, we know you are too, Merc in Aquarius!), do ensure you’re getting plenty of time with other like-minded folks. The energy of Aquarius feels very individualist, but in actual fact thrives in company.

Time to come out of hiding, starling!

Mercury sign Pisces

What’s fact, and what’s fiction? Distinguishing what’s real and what’s merely an illusion is your life’s’ work, Merc in Pisces. You spend a lot of time with your head in the clouds, pondering, imagining and dreaming your days away (and why not? It’s where the good stuff happens!)

You’re likely someone with extreme empathy and a highly developed a sixth sense for what others are about to say. Intuition reins supreme and your connections with others are based more on what remains “unsaid” than what the words spell out.

BUT… a word of warning.

With your imagination way out front, be wary of making assumptions. You might think you’ve got it all figured out, but Mercury in Pisces has a tricky way of blurring the lines between what’s true, and what you want to be true. So check yourself – are you making up what you want to hear?


So… what does your birth chart reveal? Does your Mercury sign ring true to your communication style? Share what you’ve discovered about yourself in the comments below!