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Mark your Calendar…

The next Full Moons in Aries occur on:

  • October 13, 2019, at 20º
  • October 1st, 2020 at 9º

In the zodiac, Aries comes first. It holds a bold, courageous and trail-blazing energy and ruled by Mars, the red planet of war, is fueled by the spirit of the warrior. If you’re close to anyone with a lot of Aries energy in their chart, you’ll know that their fiery passion is what keeps the world turning! But, it can also be the root of sabotage, as when those hungry flames aren’t channeled, they can quickly burn up into an anger that destroys everything it touches.

Anger is a real thing. It’s not pretty, and when expressed, is not usually received with a warm welcome. Which means that most of us don’t express the anger that we feel, and instead it gets pushed back inside, stored in the energy bodies, and then finds other, weirder and unhealthy ways to express itself instead. (Compulsive shopping habit? Passive-aggressive communication style? YOU could be harboring pent-up anger and aggression) … At worse, anger can manifest physically as pain and disease in the body, so it’s vital that you’re not clinging onto it. 

SO this is no time to sit and wallow in pity! With the cosmos chock-full of strong, fiery, yang energy, a strong, fiery, yang energy-fueled ritual is needed! And we have just the thing…

Full Moon Howling Ritual for Releasing Anger and Pent-Up Emotion

What you’ll need

  • Yourself (and your lungs)
  • A wide open space
  • Friends (optional)

What to do

  • Take yourself off to somewhere wild, an open space in nature that you love. This could be a field, forest or beach. Just so long as it’s not too close to a residential area (you don’t want to scare the neighbors!)
  • With feet placed firmly on the floor, stretch your body, reach your arms up high and open up your chest. You want to feel warm and unrestricted.
  • Now think about the things which make you angry. These could be personal things: “So-and-so did this to me and I HATE them for it!” or more general things “The way this system is set up SUCKS SO much!” Whatever it is, allow yourself to get worked up.
  • Feel the anger in your body. Feel where it is, you could even say it out loud if it helps: “I feel angry in my heart/the top of my back/throat, etc.”
  • Now take all of that anger. And SCREAM….!
  • Howl, cry, shout at the Moon. Scream it all out.
  • Do this a few times. It will probably feel really strange, unnatural and even uncomfortable at first. You may not be able to fully release into the scream in the first few goes, so keep trying. Try making different sounds and tones.
  • Move your body. Shake, punch the air and thump the ground if you want to!
  • When you feel complete, let go and take your time soothing back down, coming into your body, and rooting yourself into the earth.

A really great way to amp-up the potency of this ritual is to do it with a group of friends.

Howling together at the Moon is an immensely cathartic practice, and the added element of community creates a powerful container for very deep expression. It’s also hugely comforting to be witnessed as you purge and to know that you are not alone. We ALL get angry about our lives and the state of the world in general, we are humans and it’s not easy!

After the Ritual

Releasing anger in this way will move energy blocks within your body and get emotions moving. It’s almost as though you’ve taken the plug out of a bottle of emotions and are letting them all tip out. So be prepared for more, new kinds of emotions to spill through into your life over the coming hours and days. Sadness, grief, pain and perhaps even more anger could all surface. So be very kind on yourself, be gentle, do NOT judge yourself or your feelings and be sure to nurture your body and spirit with the things you love.

Well done! You have stepped through the threshold of less anger and more emotional freedom!

When you’ve tried this powerful ritual, please share your experiences with us below, we love it when you connect!

Full Moon blessings to you.

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