What is your morning ritual? How you start your day has everything to do with how the rest of it goes.

Beginning with a positive mind-set,  presence, embodiment, direction and with the right fuel to make it all happen, means that you’re much more likely to sail through and enjoy what comes your way.

It also means you’ll be in the right vibrational state to attract positive opportunities, and also cope with any challenges you face, reaching the very best possible outcomes. So it comes as no surprise that some of the most successful and prosperous people out there have strong and committed morning routines, allowing them to start their days with all of these basic things, without having to think about it. That’s the crucial part – if you can create a routine that becomes an unthinking, instinctive and natural start to your day, then you’ll free up a whole heap of valuable mental energy to give to whatever needs it.

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The Added Power of Ritual

Adding the element of ritual to your routine takes it to another level altogether. All it really means, is setting an extra intention of devotion into your actions: to yourself, to your family, to God or the Universal Spirit, or to whatever you feel needs your care and conscious attention. Then offer yourself and your presence fully, as you move through the steps of your routine.

It will change your life!

But … one size doesn’t fit all. So it’s really important to do what suits you and your lifestyle, and not just create a copy-cat version of what works for somebody else. To give you a head start, we’ve gathered some of the most powerful and positive tips from the wellness community, to help you put together your very own morning ritual, to supercharge and enliven your day!

1. Gratitude

Before you even open your eyes, run through at least 5 things in your life you are grateful for. This is a game changer – do this, and you’ll be looking out onto a whole new world.

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2. Move Your Body

Do some form of exercise. First thing.
For you this may mean something vigorous like going for a run, or perhaps something more gentle like yin yoga or simple stretching. The Dali Llama is known to take a walk around his home upon waking, in Dharamsala, India. The point is to get your chi flowing in whatever way you can!


3. Plan

Write a list of your goals for the day. Get them down on paper, so you know where you’re headed.

4. Look in the mirror and say “I love you”

If you do this each morning for 30 days (by which time this morning ritual should be becoming instinctive) then Dr. Christiane Northrup says that your life will change. After about 20 days “the ageless part of you will begin to come through your eyes, and then you’ll start to believe it!”

5. Meditate

Just 5 minutes in the morning is enough! Calling in your energy, centering and connecting to the divine within at the start of each day will help keep you on track for the rest of the day too.

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6. Breathe

Stand up straight and breathe deeply. Taking just a few long, deep slow breaths will really wake and energize the body and mind.

7. Morning Pages

Julia Cameron, who wrote the Artist’s Way back in 1992 originated the idea of filling three sides of paper with longhand, stream of consciousness writing first thing in the morning.

Write about anything.

It’s a practice that’s been adopted by tens of thousands of people over the years – perhaps more – and many swear by the powerful process of releasing thoughts, ideas and whatever else is swirling around the mind first thing in the morning, before continuing on with the day. 3 sides of US Letter paper are optimum – any fewer and potential breakthroughs may not have the chance to appear, but any more and the writing could get clouded by self-absorption from the ego as it wakes from its slumber.

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8. Tune in and Eat Right

Without a doubt, breakfast is an important morning ritual for everyone.

Are you eating what’s convenient, or what your body really needs first thing? Take the time to tune into what your body is asking for – fresh and raw, or something with more protein? Or perhaps waiting a couple of hours before eating would suit you better? Step off the treadmill for a moment to refuel in the right way for you.


9. Give yourself enough time!

Are you always rushing in the morning? Are you sitting, reading this wondering how on earth you’ll fit another thing in?
Set your alarm to go off 10 minutes earlier. Simple but effective.

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10. Connect with Community

Using Social media as a means of escape and distraction isn’t going to help anybody get off to a good start. But used as a tool of carefully curated and conscious engagement, it becomes something completely different. Elizabeth Gilbert checks into her own Facebook Page every single morning, to connect with her community, start conversations and to give and receive advice and words of inspiration. It’s her soul food.

What are your top tips to get the day off to a connected and energized start?
Share your own morning ritual with our community below, and help us all to wake up a little brighter in the morning!


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