When is Aquarius Season?

January 19 marks the start of the Sun’s month-long move through the visionary, progressive and free-thinking sign of Aquarius. This is where our solar ruler of the skies will stay until February 18th, and whatever your personal astrology, the prevailing energy of Aquarius is what we’ll all be feeling and fuelled by during this time.

The water-bearer is an air sign (yep – many people do confuse it for a water sign, you’re not the only one!) sitting between earth-bound Capricorn and watery Pisces on the wheel of the zodiac. Characterized by its logical mind, sociable outlook and future-forward attitude to, well, everything it touches, Aquarius is a true sign of the collective. If you spend much time with Aquarius-born friends, you’ll know them for their humanitarian instincts, their over-the-top helpfulness, and their unmatched free-spirited ways. But this energy doesn’t simply want to make everyone happy. Aquarius seeks progress, improvements, and betterment for all.

Ruled by the game-changing planet Uranus, Aquarius is visionary. It’s disruptive and edgy. It believes that there can be another way. And it’s not all bad to shake things up to find it.

So how do we all harness this fixed energy? And make the very best use of the prevailing wind of this astrology, that promises so much during this solar season? Well for starters (and seconds, and thirds) Aquarius season is the time to let your uniqueness shine – and stop hiding who you are from the world!

Here are 5 ways to begin…

1. Get Obsessed

It’s OK when we’re kids to get obsessed about things, but when adulting, it can get a little… strange. But it needn’t! Aquarius season is the ideal time to let yourself obsess about an idea, a cause, an area of life, and throw yourself into it with eyes wide open. Just like Aquarius’ zodiacal symbol the water bearer, pour your heart and soul into something you care about. Let your attention and intention fill every gap, every crack until of your life until you’ve given it all!

Feel strongly about social justice? Find a cause this month to support with everything you have.

Want to study Astrology? Read everything you can get your hands on and practice, practice, practice.

Aquarius season’s the perfect time to go get consumed by something that matters.

2. Dress to Impress

Known for its unabashed uniqueness, what better way to celebrate Aquarius season and let your true self show than dressing up exactly how YOU want? Whatever your personal horoscope, what the world needs from you, is to celebrate your own Aquarian archetype and let yourself be seen.

Want to wear vintage frills to work? Make like designer Batsheva Hay and go all out with reimagined Laura Ashley!

Always wanted an asymmetrical haircut? This is your time.

And when you begin expressing yourself in a more individual and aligned way, the signs you give off will actually attract more like-minded people into your life – remember, of all the astrological signs Aquarius is the one to bring communities together. But you need to send out the siren first.

3. Reimagine the Future

Now we’ve all rooted down into the new year and January’s ticking along nicely, Aquarius season gives us wings. The eleventh sign of the zodiac (like the Master 11 in Numerology) carries some seriously dynamic and game-changing energy when it’s operating in its best expression. So this solar season is the time to reimagine the future. Anything and everything is possible if it can first be envisioned in thought-form and Aquarius has the powerful combination of being both intellectually adventurous and practically adept. Which means the future can become whatever you want it to be if seeds are sown in during the next few weeks.

4. Work on your Upper Chakras to Open Your Mind

As ruler of the higher chakras (throat, pineal, and crown), this solar season always brings a potent opportunity to work consciously on relaxing and opening these energy centers. Messages from the divine during this time are more likely to be cerebral and felt via the pineal gland, than heart-centered and embodied so try not to overload your mind with a lot of external stimulation (too much pop culture, un-curated social media, and unconscious TV and radio). Instead, try and keep your own energetic channels clean, clear and receptive so that you’re more able to tap into high-frequency information and guidance coming your way.

Some beautiful ways to keep your crown chakra, in particular, clear, are by burning or diffusing lavender essential oil, and placing very clear (high vibrational) stones like amethyst, quartz or white calcite around your head whilst you sleep or meditate. Read more about opening and healing the chakras with flower essences here.

5. Question everything. Break the mold, do things differently. Be a rebel!

Finally, take the lead from Aquarius ruling planet Uranus and question everything. Be unafraid of asking questions, challenging the status quo and pushing to see if there’s a better way of doing things. (The astrological house that Uranus sits in, in your chart can give you a clue about where to start shaking things up – check this out here).

This could be anything from the way you structure your morning routine, to your finances, to the way you school your children. But it also stretches to the media and news outlets, and what the authorities tell you to believe, and how they tell you to behave. Aquarius season is the perfect time to break the mold and stretch yourself beyond the norm. It’s time to uplevel your life – what feels like rebellion today could be your new baseline of normal by the time Pisces seasons spins around!

Are you an Aquarian? (…then Happy Birthday!)

Do you resonate with this gust of Aquarius energy and the seeds of Uranus’ change being planted in the cosmic soils?

Share your thoughts with our community in the comments below!


About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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