To remain healthy we must not only eat wholesome foods, exercise regularly, sleep well, meditate and drink plenty of water but we must also look after our energetic bodies and our endocrine system.

If you have been feeling out of sorts recently and you are not sure why it could be that you require a complete energy rebalance. It’s a bit like servicing a car when it has done a few too many miles.

Becoming aware of your behavioral patterns, emotions and responses or reactions to life can be like the indicator light coming on in your car when it requires more fuel.

When our chakras are out of balance, we can observe both excessive and deficient characteristics that are common to each center which will guide us into understanding which flower essences or colors we require. We may need to activate certain endocrine glands within our delicately balanced bodies to maintain optimum wellness.

I’ve been using various flower essences for the past five years and have been blessed with perfect health and inner equilibrium for that whole period. I actually swear by them. They are gentle and intelligent and do the work without me even having to think about it and they offer me the opportunity not to ever take prescription medication.

So let’s take a look at which of the Australian Bush Flowers and colors help to not only keep our chakras spinning in synchrony but also rebalance our endocrine glands.

1. Red Base or Root Chakra

  • Governs the gonads and ovaries
  • Purpose: Life-Force
  • Issues: Safety in the physical world
  • Excessive characteristics: Greedy, hoarding, sluggishness, overweight
  • Deficient characteristics: Fearful, spaced-out, restless
  • Recommended flower essences: She-Oak, Flannel Flower and Waratah
  • Recommended Color bottles: Bathe in C1 – Base Chakra

2. Orange Sacral Chakra

  • Governs the lymphatic glands
  • Purpose: Material control
  • Issues: Sexuality, Mastery of the material world
  • Excessive characteristics: Obsessive, overly emotional, poor boundaries
  • Deficient characteristics: Impotency, rigidity, fearful of pleasure
  • Recommended flower essences: Turkey Bush, Wisteria and She Oak
  • Recommended Color Mirrors bottles: Bathe in C2 – Sacral Chakra

3. Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Governs the adrenals glands
  • Purpose: Power
  • Issues: Personal power and fear
  • Excessive characteristics: Domineering, controlling, arrogance, aggression
  • Deficient characteristics: Passivity, low self-esteem, fearful
  • Recommended flower essences: Macrocarpa, Black-eyed Susan, Southern Cross
  • Recommended Color Mirrors bottles: Bathe in C3 – Solar Plexus Chakra

4. Green Heart Chakra

  • Governs the thymus gland
  • Purpose: Love
  • Issues: Creating from the heart
  • Excessive characteristics: Co-dependency, poor boundaries, jealousy, possessiveness
  • Deficient characteristics: Shyness, loneliness, isolation, critical
  • Recommended flower essences: Illawarra Flame Tree, Bluebell, Southern Cross
  • Recommended Color Mirrors bottles: Bathe in C4 – Heart Chakra

5. Blue Throat Chakra

  • Governs the thyroid gland
  • Purpose: Expression
  • Issues: Willpower, communication
  • Excessive characteristics: Excessive talking, stuttering, inability to listen
  • Deficient characteristics: Fear of speaking, quietness, aphasia
  • Recommended flower essences: Old Man Banksia, Bush Fuchsia, Southern Cross
  • Recommended Color bottles: Bathe in C5 – Throat Chakra

6. Indigo Third-Eye Chakra

  • Governs the pituitary gland
  • Purpose: Inspiration
  • Issues: Intuition
  • Excessive characteristics: Headaches, nightmares, difficulty concentrating
  • Deficient characteristics: Poor memory and vision, unimaginative, denial
  • Recommended flower essences: Yellow Cowslip Orchid, Angelsword
  • Recommended Color Mirrors bottles: Bathe in C6 – Third-Eye Chakra

7. Violet Crown Chakra

  • Governs the pineal gland
  • Purpose: Delivers light
  • Issues: Life purpose
  • Excessive characteristics: Confusion, spiritual addiction, overly intellectual
  • Deficient characteristics: Spiritual skepticism, limited beliefs, learning difficulties, materialism
  • Recommended flower essences: Bush Iris, Bush Fuchsia, Red Lily
  • Recommended Color Mirrors bottles: Bathe in C7 – Crown Chakra

Please let me know in comments which of your chakras is most out of whack and which colors and flowers you feel would be most beneficial for you at this point in your life.