Woman with blue fur coat by graffitiPinUranus moves retrograde in the roots second Zodiac sign of Taurus, between August 11, 2019 and Jan 10, 2020. The planet will stay here in this sign until 2026!


Uranus’ Generational Impact

Uranus moves slowly. It takes around seven years to move through a single sign of the zodiac which means that the effects of this icy gas giant are generational. So unless it’s one of your personal planets, Uranus’ influence (similarly to outer planets Pluto, Neptune, and Jupiter) is more sweeping, broader and far-reaching than, say, Mercury. So this last Uranus retrograde was less likely to scramble your travel plans and more likely to catalyze a cultural shift or usher in some sort of overarching technological breakthrough. You may not have felt its astrology personally, but it’s been there, working steadily in the collective background.

Uranus is progressive, original and revolutionary

Undiscovered until 1781, this is a planet that can’t be seen by the naked eye and was completely out of reach until the technology was invented to close the gap. Nearly 250 years ago, it demanded humanity to stretch itself beyond the realms of possibility, in order to make the unseen seen. And today it’s no different – this planet is known as the “Awakener” and its energy forges ahead, shatters illusions, constructs, belief systems, traditions, and basically anything that stands in the way of a bright new future.

It’s experimental, offbeat, and innovative: Willing to stand out from the crowd, whilst simultaneously serving the crowd. As the astrological ruler of Aquarius, those with this sun sign share the same unabashed yet fiercely community-minded spirit.

Where Uranus sits in your natal astrology chart will determine the specific area of your life where this most rebellious of planetary influences makes its mutinous mark. At best, Uranus indicates originality, breakthroughs, a visionary viewpoint and the urge for freedom and individuality. But just as easily, Uranus’ placement can stir up tension and dissatisfaction and bring on sudden surprises, changes and at worst, self-sabotage.

But as mentioned, its slow-moving nature means that astrologers tend to look at both the sign and the house Uranus falls in, to decode its meaning. The zodiac sign the planet transits (currently Aries) gives broader washes of meaning to the charts of all people born within a 7-year timeframe, whilst the astrological house Uranus inhabits in your chart is what gives more personalized info.

Below you’ll find mini-readings for Uranus through the houses – these will give you the most accurate idea of how this planet’s energy expresses within your life. But first, you’ll need to get a copy of your natal astrology chart to find out which house it’s in.

(Need help figuring it out? Follow this link.)

So Where IS Your Inner Rebel Hiding!?

If Uranus is in your 1st House

With the rebel energy here in the first astrological house of self, identity and new beginnings(ruled by Aries energy) you’re a true pioneer.

Never one to be told what to do, it’s likely you’ve had issues with authority since the year dot. But this is because you have it in you to be a true leader! Your ideas may be wild and unpredictable but you’re determined and willful. And you’re the torchbearer – holder of the hope that so many other people need. Your intuition is also likely to be an untapped source and something you should learn to nurture and trust.

Your downfall lies in the abundance of nervous energy that your body holds if you don’t take care of yourself properly. With your mind racing at 100 mph, your health and wellbeing often suffer so it’s worth remembering that all of this means nothing, if your vessel is not the strongest channel it can be.

If Uranus is in your 2nd House

With the great disruptor here in your second house of money, material possessions, work, and routines, (ruled by Taurus energy) it’s likely you have a unique and unusual perspective when it comes to the way you build your life around you. It could be that you totally reject anything that could tie you down (ever dream of traveling the world in a camper van?) Or perhaps you’re constantly seeking out only the most ground-breaking and advanced new technologies, always first in the queue for the next big thing?

This astrology also means your relationship with money is unique – maybe it comes and goes with surprising speed? Or are you’re one of those people who has a hundred and one unexpected and unusual irons in the fire, bucking every business trend yet still somehow taking the lead? (Rest assures, that’s how it appears from the outside, even if it doesn’t always feel like it!)

With Uranus soon to be moving through Taurus until 2025, the sign ruling the second house, these areas of your life are all set for even more of a stir!

If Uranus is in your 3rd House

With the rebel planet here in your third house of communication, social interests and the thinking mind (ruled by Gemini energy) you’re definitely one of life’s free thinkers. You have a quick mind, an even quicker wit and the capacity to make lightning-jumps in thought that leave others spinning in wonder!

You likely have unique and progressive ways of communicating your ideas – it’s safe to say you were embracing wireless technology and voice activation when the rest of us were still grappling with our old Nokias!

This astrology means you’re probably prone to changing your mind often, as new information becomes available which can leave others in confusion. But you’re charming with it. A little eccentric, but we’ll forgive you that!

If Uranus is in your 4th House

Uranus in the fourth house of home, family, nurturing and emotions (ruled by Cancer energy) makes you a rebel when it comes to all things home-and-hearth-related.

It could be that your home life growing up was unsettled, and relations with one or both of your parents strained. So it’s likely your concept of family is unconventional and with little emotional attachment. This, in turn, may mean you’re less than affectionate when it comes to your kin, preferring to live free and unencumbered.

Perhaps you struggle with, or resist putting roots down and making connections with community? There’s nothing wrong with this, but the people you care for could mistake your aloofness for uncaring, so watch out.

If Uranus is in your 5th House

With Uranus here in your fifth house of play, creativity, and self-expression (ruled by Leo energy) you’re a total free-spirit! Unconforming, weird and wacky in all the best ways, you’re a pleasure seeker and can’t bear to be restricted.

You probably have an offbeat style of your own design, and whilst you’re sure to keep one eye on all of the most current trends (whether its art, music or fashion), you’re never swayed by the herd.

As a child, you were probably unmanageable. Kids with this astrology are renowned zodiac-wide as rule-breakers, but once you hit your late teens and broke free from parental confines (if it even took that long) life became less rebel-without-a-cause and more life-as-art!

These folk just need to watch their experimental urges don’t tip into self-destruction, as addictions like drugs, sex and gambling can get very real, very quickly.

If Uranus is in your 6th House

If you have Uranus in the sixth House of health and fitness, systems and service (ruled by Virgo energy) you probably work (or would love to be working) in the fields of science and technology, the more ground-breaking the better.

Your methods are likely unconventional, your work environment beautiful chaos, and your routines non-existant! That mad-scientist archetype working through the night on some zany new invention – that’s you to a T!

But you must watch out for spikes in nervous tension, stress, and exhaustion. Your astrology makes you prone to unexpected crashes in health and energy levels so it’s up to you (and no-one else!) to find new ways to roll to a more sustainable rhythm.

If Uranus is in your 7th House

If you have Uranus in the seventh House of relationships, partners, marriage, and sharing (ruled by Libra energy) then you probably resemble a classic escape artist. This planet of breakthroughs and breakouts makes you feel stifled by the simplest of connections, and commitment is a concept beyond your comprehension!

Freedom is your middle name when it comes to relationships, so intimacy is a genuine struggle and you’re more likely to go through life looking for ways to be as unavailable as possible. Alternatively, maybe you seek your affection from only those who are themselves unavailable, leaving no risk of tying you down.

OR perhaps your ideas about relationships are utopic dreams and idealistic beyond the realms of possibility? Either way, there’s no plain sailing for you when it comes to coupledom.

If Uranus is in your 8th House

If you have Uranus in the eighth House of sex, power, mystery, merging and shared resources (ruled by Scorpio energy) then you’re probably very good at dealing with change, in fact, it’s probably something you welcome into your life with gusto! But whilst this transformational energy fuels you, it can leave others flailing, adrift, with nothing familiar to hold onto. Not everyone moves at your lightning speed!

It’s very likely you have some interest in the mystical arts and occult subjects. You love to probe beneath the surface of life and play with the ideas and theories that live beyond what people think about in everyday life. Your opinions may ruffle a few feathers, though. You’ve never been afraid of shining light into the dark and shadowy corners of life, and pushing the edges of the status quo. It might be worth reining it in a little if you want to stay on speaking terms with the neighbors!

If Uranus is in your 9th House

If you have the rebel planet in the ninth House of travel, philosophy, higher learning and law, and order (ruled by Sagittarius energy) your ideas are likely you be original, unorthodox and vehemently opposing the traditions and conventions of society. You’re constantly questioning information, testing and trying out theories and breaking new ground with your emerging ideas. And whilst not strictly a “rebel” you are definitely someone who bends the rules, as a means of exploration.

This work probably takes you on many journeys – unexpected travel has likely become an ordinary part of your life. Your constant expansion (mind and geography!) may exhaust the people around you, but for you, it’s simply part of life’s adventure!

If Uranus is in your 10th House

With Uranus in the tenth House of your career, long-term goals, status and the father figure (ruled by Capricorn energy) you’re someone who actively rebels against the conventional world of work. You were probably the one to buck the trend when it came to taking on the family business: Born into a long line of teachers? You became an artist. Safe steady job offered to you in accounting? You became an astrologer.

The idea of the daily 9 to 5 makes you want to cry, and working your way up a career ladder is your worst nightmare! You’re far more likely to light-foot your way around the globe picking fruit or researching the mating habits of the emperor penguin. And not care a jot what anybody has to say about it.

If Uranus is in your 11th House

If you have Uranus in the eleventh House of groups, friends, and social and future concerns (ruled by Aquarius energy) you’re independent, intuitive and slightly aloof and you probably spend a lot of time with your head in a world of ideas which are all slightly ahead and above the people you’re with.

It’s likely you actually enjoy seeing yourself as a bit of a loner, making friends easily on the surface but resisting ever going any deeper with people, rebelling true closeness and camaraderie.

You’re more likely to be drawn to unusual, eccentric individuals with off-beat ideas and opinions, as this is where you feel you fit in (if fitting in was ever even an option…!)

If Uranus is in your 12th House

If you have Uranus in the 12th House of spirituality and healing, the subconscious, endings and closure (ruled by Pisces energy) you likely spend a lot of your time and energy seeking to transcend (or help others transcend) the limits of this material world. You are highly altruistic and focused on freedom for one and all.

You may get hit by bouts of loneliness. Or perhaps you’re struck by feelings of impending doom – the idea that something terrible is going to happen which may, if you’re a sensitive soul, serve to paralyze you from doing good in the world. This subconscious sabotage and sense of rebelling against yourself needs to be controlled, so it’s vital for you to learn to self-soothe and pick up the tools which will help you to control and channel the intensity with which you feel.

So have you discovered where your natal Uranus hides? And where that inner rebel lurks in your world, brightening, expanding and revolutionizing life as we all know it?

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