What IS Good Luck?

Have you ever heard someone dismiss the whole idea of luck by saying, “I make my own luck!”?

Little do they know, they are not dispelling the notion of luck, they are merely admitting to being good at it! Just like a witch who casts a spell for good luck, these other people are active participants in creating positive atmosphere, backed up with forward-thinking actions.


The lucky thing about luck is that it doesn’t have to be random. You can bring on it yourself… or be warding it off yourself!  Good luck and bad are both kinds of energy – positive and negative – that show up according to the way we think and behave on a daily basis.

Luck is also an amazing cosmic signpost!

If you are throwing yourself into the success of a goal with good faith and a whole heart, yet bad luck and obstacles keep getting in your way, it is safe to read that this negative expression is a signpost from the universe: “Good try — but wrong way!”

Likewise, sometimes all it takes is the first step or two in a new direction for good luck to come tumbling down. That is the universe leaping forward to meet your best effort to say, “Keep going! This way!”

In both instances, the energy of luck is responding to what you yourself are putting out there, by attracting to you. Luck can be like a postcard from the universe, but the reverse is also true. Spells, good luck spells included, are like postcards to the universe. They signal that we are ready for new opportunities for growth, new ways to be supported, and even that we are ready to listen to those sign-posts that are not what we had hoped for.

By combining a spell for good luck with some concrete goal-oriented steps you are calling out loud and clear: “I’m ready to take this thing to the next level!”

It’s positive thinking on steroids!

On the flip side, if you should send that cosmic letter and then go sit flat on your bum, you are sending mixed messages to the universe. Luck might be coming for you, but you will not have created any avenue to receive.

Daily Visualization to Attract Luck

There is more to casting spells and attracting luck than saying the magick words. The fact is, that magick (spelled with a “k” to distinguish it from stage magic) is the act of connecting to the energy of the Universe.

What we think of as “luck” is Universal energy that is at work around you.

Magick is a relationship between you and that energy. Like any relationship, it works best when it is tended to regularly, over time. That’s what makes this daily meditation so powerful.

Step One

Find five minutes in the morning to do this visualization. Sitting or lying on a firm surface work well, but so does standing in the shower if it’s hard to find time for yourself!

Step Two

Take three deep gentle breaths. With each breath, notice the tension in your body and allow it to flow out with your breath.

Step Three

Rub your hands together until you feel a lot of warmth. As you rub, repeat this phrase: Best of luck, I beckon thee. For the benefit of all, so mote it be.

Step Four

Rub your palms all over your skin. (If you are in the shower, you can use soap!) Then close your eyes and imagine that your skin is glowing. It sends out an emerald light with golden sparkles, sending rays of love and luck out into the world.

Step Five

Imagine in detail two lucky things that could happen to you in a day. For example, maybe you’ll find a twenty-dollar bill on the ground. Maybe you’ll run into someone who makes you feel loved, or be receive a new opportunity.

Step Six

Now simply get on with your day, feeling magnetic and secretly empowered to attract only the best of good luck!

Personalized Good Luck Charm

Wiccans and witches know that often the best way to communicate with that universal energy is through symbols.


A charm, amulet, or talisman is a symbol in physical form. Good luck symbols often come from mythology, folklore, or religion. For instance, in pre-Christian Sweden, horses were considered sacred. Today, beautifully painted wooden horse dolls called “dala horses” are considered lucky charms.

Some similar examples of good luck charms from around the world are the scarab beetle from Egypt, elephant figurines from India, the golden frog from China, or the Maneki Neko, the waving cat from Japan.

In the US we use lucky charms and amulets shaped like horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, fuzzy dice, and ladybugs, as well as rabbit feet, and lucky coins.

The fact is, anything can be used as a good luck charm or amulet, as long as you take its meaning to heart. If it’s meaningful to you, it’s a good start! Follow this formula to create your own lucky charm out of jewelry or a knick-knack you can carry in your pocket.

What you’ll need:

A piece of jewelry, four coins

Step One

Take a few slow breaths and center yourself. Put the jewelry in front of you and place the coins around it in the shape of a cross.

Step Two

Draw a circle around all of it, saying: This is my circle, this is my charm.

Step Three

Touch each one of the coins, in turn, saying: Blessed be, blessing bring.

Step Four

Hover your palm over the jewelry in the center, saying: Good luck come, free from harm. In this circle, lies my charm.

Step Five

Give thanks, and allow the coins you used to circulate freely. Wear your good luck charm, or carry it with you. Work hard, and watch out for good luck!

Words by Raven Hinojosa

Now it’s your turn to share! What are your go-to ways to attract luck into your life?

And what’s the luckiest things that’s happened to you recently? Let us know in the commnts below!

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