When I was a teenager, I received a mysterious box in the mail one day from my aunt. It wasn’t close to any holidays, so I had no idea why she would send me a gift. I eagerly opened the box, and to my surprise, I found several small crystals, a little statue of the Goddess Kwan Yin, a small trinket of a duck, and mystical fabric that looked like it was from India.

My aunt told me that I was to create an altar with these objects, anywhere in my bedroom that felt right to me. She explained that by making an altar, where I could keep objects that had spiritual meaning to me, I would be creating a designated area of sacred space for myself. Having this sacred space would then help me to grow spiritually.

I placed the crystals, the Goddess and the duck on top of the beautiful fabric, as I eagerly set up my altar.  I was a little confused at first, how could this duck trinket be sacred? My aunt explained it symbolized lightheartedness, and letting things fall like water off my back, the way a duck does. What could be more sacred than that?

Looking back, my aunt gave me the greatest gift of my life that day. My first altar was a huge turning point in my spiritual development. It gave me a sacred place to go every day to pray, meditate, and connect with myself. It also raised my energy – just looking at it made me feel instantly more in tune.  Since that time, I have never been without an altar in my home.

Anyone can make an altar. It is simply any designated area of space that you make special. An altar can be very small, or very big, the size does not matter at all. Rather, the personal touches you give it, and the energy that you infuse it with, give it its sacred meaning. The more it represents you and your unique spirituality, the more powerful it is in helping you connect with your spiritual self.

To make your own altar follow these simple steps:

1. Find a space to create your altar.

It doesn’t have to be big, in fact, it can be very small. You can create an altar on a windowsill, or the corner of a bookshelf, or desk.

To make my first altar, I found a small step stool, and put it under the nightstand by my bed. It was tiny, but felt so personal, private and special to me. Remember, any amount of space will do, as long as it feels sacred to you!

2. Gather your spiritual objects

Gather 3-4 small objects that have spiritual meaning to you. Do you have a crystal, stone, or rock that has special significance to you? Place it on your altar.

Maybe you have a special piece of jewelry, a trinket you love, or a small statue of an animal that has spiritual meaning to you. All of these types of items are great to place on your altar!

Other suggested items include:

  • Fresh flowers or herbs
  • Photo, or drawing of a Goddess or God you are inspired by
  • An element of nature (such as a seashell, feather, etc)
  • Rose water, or any bottle of liquid that is sacred to you

3. Set up Your Altar

Now that you have your space and objects picked out, it’s time to display them in a way you most love. Remember there are no rules with creating your altar. The only thing that matters is that it feels good to you.

4. Now spend time with your altar

Once you have it set up light some incense or a candle. Feel how this is your sacred space, here for you to retreat and recharge anytime you need. Notice how the objects remind of the sacredness and magic that exists within all of life, and within you.

Go to your altar anytime you want to connect with yourself. The more time you spend in this space the more power it will hold, and it will continue to work its magic for you!

Love and Blessings,

Sirena Moon


About Simple Mystic Miracles

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