English ritual magician William G. Gray says, “Magic is for growing up as Children of Light. Sane, sound, healthy, and happy souls, living naturally and normally on levels of inner Life where we can be REAL people as contrasted with the poor shadow selves we project at one another on earth.”

Magick is a way to awaken and enhance ourselves, and our lives.

Candle magick, specifically, gives us methods to focus our energy and intention, and it has a very long history of use.


Beeswax candles were being used in ritual by the Goddess societies in Minoan Crete in 2000BC, and Egypt in 3000 BCE.

For centuries, Sorcerers and witches used candle flames as tools of sight and vision. They could stare into the flame and gain needed information.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley, in her article Candle Lore and Magic, tells us that ancient pagans used wax candles and lamps in religious observances. Due to persecution, our foremothers, the wise women, and witches, were forced to conceal their knowledge and workings. They did this by using everyday objects to perform their magick work; as such candles could be used inconspicuously for mundane purposes as well as for witchcraft and magic.

Candles have continued to be used consistently because they’re a great way to focus energy into a material object. They are easy to burn at specific times, to enhances the work, whilst the act of burning serves to release the energy out into the world.


Firstly, remember that in all her magical work, a witch always uses energy consciously and for the good of all.


Each color holds a specific energetic vibrational frequency. One burns specific colored ritual candles, in order to best execute the intention of the spell. Here are some general color candle associations used in witchcraft:

  • White candles – peace, purity, truth. Spells to destroy negativity. Best used at the Full Moon.
  • Black Candles – Spells to banish and protect. Also, spells to absorb, destroy and repel negative energy. Best used at the dark/new moon.
  • Purple candles – Spiritual awareness
  • Lavender Candles –  Intuition, peace, harmony, healing, psychic power
  • Blue Candles – Healing, forgiveness, communication
  • Green Candles –  Money, luck, abundance, health (unless involving Cancer)
  • Rose and Pink Candles – self-love, friendship, joy. Also, love magic
  • Red Candles –  Passion, love, lust, sex, vitality, courage
  • Orange Candles –  Joy, energy, attraction,
  • Yellow Candles – creativity, mental clarity, confidence, manifestation
  • Silver candle –  Goddess or sacred feminine energy
  • Gold candle– Male or sacred masculine energy

Spell Candle colors are also associated with the days of the week:

  • Sunday – Gold / yellow
  • Monday – Silver / Grey / White
  • Tuesday – Red
  • Wednesday – Purple
  • Thursday – Blue
  • Friday – Green
  • Saturday – Black / Purple

A top tip if you don’t want to buy full-sized candles for a single spell (especially if it cannot be re-used) is to use tealights or even candles for birthday cakes, as spell candles.


You can also use symbolism in working with spell candles by carving symbols into the wax pillar. The physical action of doing the carving is an important part of the spell. A candle may also be molded into a shape representing the specific desire you wish to attract.

For example, if you’re working with peace, you could place a candle on the altar, in the form of a dove or peace symbol.


A Candle may be used as a votive, and placed on an altar, as an offering and sign of devotion. This means, rather than being used as a “tool” they are a symbol of your own intent.



There are many ways to prepare spell candles for magical work, yet it’s important to remember to make things your own. Experiment to find what feels “right” for you.

Different spells will call for different preparations – sometimes simplicity is the best course, yet in other situations, you may feel you need to spend more time and attention preparing the candle for the spellwork.

To begin any candle magic, cleanse or purify the candle.

This can be done by:

  • Placing the candle outside or near the windowsill at night for a moon bath;
  • Moving the candle through sage or incense;
  • Soaking it in sea salt overnight;
  • Or, by using a cloth with a little rubbing alcohol.

The next step is to let it breathe for a bit.

Once sufficient time has passed, you could anoint your candle with essential oils or herbs to enhance the spellwork. You may also wish to carve the symbols into it now or wait until later while doing the spellwork.

If you’re preparing the candle one day and using it later, wrap it in a cloth to let it sit and marinate in the preparations.


Now you have the basics, here are 2 very simple Candle Magick Spells you can perform in moments!


The Green Chakra Candle of Love

Love is the most powerful force anywhere. Opening to this power and using it improves our lives as well as the lives of all beings. Here is a simple love spell to bring this into your life.

  1. On an 8 ½” x 11” piece of paper, draw a picture of an open door which fills up most of the paper.
  2. Take a green candle (for the heart chakra) and carve hearts into it. If it’s in a jar, carve the hearts on the top and draw them on the jar.
  3. Infuse the candle with the spell: “ I AM LOVE. The door is open to give and receive love. I AM LOVE. THANK YOU. BLESSED BE.”
  4. Repeat this for three minutes.
  5. Light the wick, and let the candle burn for 30 minutes, the first night.
  6. Repeat nightly for a minimum of three nights.


The “Dove Attracts Prosperity” Spell

Money has its own powerful energy.

Whether you have lots of it or you would like more, it plays a large role in your life.

This is a simple spell to be at peace with your money issues…

  1. Begin this spell by writing a minimum of three pages on your feelings about money and how it is affecting you.
  2. Draw or find a picture of a dove and draw or find a picture or symbol of money. You may also use figurines to represent these things if you wish.
  3. Place a white placemat under the items and place a gold candle next to it.
  4. Inhale and exhale peace and clarity with money.
  5. Light the candle and repeat for a minimum of three minutes, “Peace and money you are my friends. I am at peace with love and money. Thank you.”
  6. Let the candle burn out or do this nightly for 3 consecutive nights.

Remember: Magickal practice is empowering, emotional, and FUN!  In fact, you’ll feel all of this in the scope of 1 simple little spell…. enjoy!

Now, share with us in the comments below how YOU like to use candles in your magical work!