You probably have an idea about the Astrological season we’re in? (Ummm we’re in dreamy Pisces, for those of you who missed the boat!). But do you know what Universal month this is, according to Numerology?

Just as the skies above exert an overarching influence on the energy we feel, so do the numbers that line up on the calendars. SO when a new month circles in, this energy affects us all.

According to Pythagorean Numerology, March 2020 is a 7 Universal Month (3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 7).

Yep, Number 7 here we come!

Which means that if YOU are a Life Path 7, then this is your time to shine!

Let’s break it down… Just as we are all born under a certain sign of the Zodiac sign, which dictates which Horoscope you read, we’re also all born into a specific Life Path. The numerical code of YOUR Life Path can reveal your highest and most aligned path through life, offer guidance and support, and even reveal some of the challenges you’re likely to face in life.

Yet when the Universal Month Number lines up with your Life Path Number, things are likely to go pretty well for you – this is a good omen for the month!

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Wondering if you have the number 7 in your Numerology Chart?

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For the next 31 days, the gentle, spiritual, inquisitive energy of the Number 7 will be rippling through our world. We ALL get to take advantage of it (Check out Nat’s Forecast HERE) but let’s focus on the 7s for a moment.

If you have one of these beautiful souls as a friend, then you’re lucky beyond belief. IT may take a little work to crack them open, but when you do…. It’s worth it. Here’s why:

1. They’re So Calm!

You can usually recognize anybody with the number 7 in their chart because they seem to exude an air of unnatural calm.

Even when the walls are caving in, these people don’t panic!

If you have one as a friend, you’ll know first hand how they take things in their stride. They keep their feelings in check, and their feathers don’t really ruffle, so they keep a level head and a balanced perspective on things.

This means that friendship with a Life Path 7, chock full of their super-soothing influence is really handy to have, crisis or not!

2. They’re Super Curious

It’s in the nature of a Life Path 7 to look for answers. Even when there isn’t really a question in sight, these people are seeking something. Whether they’re searching for big answers or little answers, the journey of a Life Path 7 tends to feel a lot like a quest for knowledge.

…Which makes them amazing company!

They may not be the chattiest of friends but if you can get into the Life Path 7 vibe, and onto their wavelength, then your eyes will be opened and your perspective expanded.


3. They’re Deep Thinkers

That vacant stare?

That head in the clouds gaze?

No, your Life Path 7 friend doesn’t have a head full of candyfloss. On the contrary, they’re likely the deepest thinker of your social circle. And if it takes them a little time to respond to a question (or when they send you an email two weeks after a conversation because their mind has only just figured out the correct response?) That’s because Life Path 7s think deeply. They take time, they consider their opinions, they gather the facts, they analyze…

Which means you’ll always get a truly well-thought-out response to anything you put out there.

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4. They Will Teach you about Yourself

With such introspective tendencies, most Life Path 7s are on a journey of self-discovery. Spending time in the company of one of these personalities can’t help but rub off on you – so the more they learn (and share) about their own inner workings, the more you tend to need to do a little internal gazing too.

This is good – it’s how we grow and become more self-aware (and that a true friend should give). Very often, a friendship with a Life Path 7 can be a welcome trigger to deeper understanding of self.


5. They Will Always Find a Solution

Maybe it’s their analytical tendencies.

Maybe it’s their huge and overflowing brains!

Whatever the reason… the Life Path Number 7 person always seems to be able to find solutions to any problem. They may not have the hands-on practicality of the 4 (though many Life Path 7s DO) or the managerial prowess of the number 8. But they can figure stuff out. They want to understand.

And more importantly, these awesome friends can very often lead you to find your own methods, means, and ways to achieve what you want.

6. They Have Boundaries

This is a really important trait (and if any Life Path 7s out there are still figuring it out for yourselves, take note).

Generally introverts, these folks must hold their boundaries firm: Saying no to things that are too much, and avoiding excess stimulation. Sure, it can mean that the rest of us have to miss out on their delicious company sometimes, but they’re setting a strong example.

So when your Number 7 best friend lets you down, or doesn’t make it out on the town when you thought they might… give them a little slack, and see this as a good model in self-care. We all need one of those!


7. They’re Spiritual Masters

Known by Numerologists as the most spiritual of the numbers, the 7 peels back the layers of this material life, in search of the truth.

If you have a friend who’s a Life Path Number 7, they may not actually see themselves as ‘spiritual’. And even if they’re pure left-brain super intellectual science geeks, these deep-seekers seem to revere the mysteries of life more than any other number.

Because of this (and “spiritual” or not) they can help the rest of us feel into our more spiritual side.

Our seeking, mystical, life-behind-the-veil side. Spending time with your Life Path 7 friend can help you to look at life differently. And that’s got to be a good thing.


So.. are you a Life Path 7? Or do you have any 7s in your life? Shout out in the comments below how much you love your Life Path Number 7 friendship, and share this blog post with them too!