Incense is a very powerful, quick working and inexpensive magical tool. Each scent carries its own unique vibration and is an excellent addition to any ritual or spell you do. But did you know that incense is such a potent magical ingredient that it can be used as a spell all on its own?

When we burn incense we are harness the elemental power of Air, which is all about communicating our intangible desires and making them real. When we infuse our magical desire into a physical object and then burn it, the smoke creates a bridge between our physical world and the non-physical, or spiritual realms.

Today I’m going to share with you five potent incenses and how you can use them as stand-alone spells to manifest love, finance, good luck and more!

Three of these scents are created by the brand HEM, which is a favorite among many magical practitioners. HEM products are readily available and can be found at most Dollar Stores, or online.


Pagan Magic

A classic HEM scent for many magical folk, I’ve listed this one first because it’s an excellent general purpose incense. Whatever it is you have in mind, Pagan Magic will help you to manifest your desires and create a strong atmosphere of magic.

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Black Magic

HEM’s Black Magic will assist you well in the darker aspects of sorcery, which doesn’t necessarily mean hexing or ill-wishing. It also covers aspects of shadow work, path working or trance work. In other words it will support you on your journey into the deepest part of heart, psyche and soul.

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Dragons Blood

Based on the resin scent obtained from the Dracaena or Daemonorops plant families, you can find quality Dragons Blood incense created by various companies. I’m partial to the brand Satya myself. Dragons Blood facilitates cleansing and banishing magic. If you’re feeling heavy, sluggish, or in some way off, use this incense to clear all that away to begin fresh. Many witches use it to clear their path to manifest love too.

Fast Luck

Another HEM product, Fast Luck will instantly lift your energy and create room for little miracles to germinate and spread throughout your day. Remember if you want luck in a specific area of your life (such as on tonight’s date, or in your finances today) then make sure you state that. But if you don’t have a particular need then watch how this magic brings all sorts of random goodies your way!

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The last, but not least is Rose. This scent is made by many different companies and comes in all sorts of combinations such as Rose Cinnamon, Rose Musk, Sandal Rose among many others. Rose is used for attraction magic and especially beneficial for all matters relating to the heart such as love, sexual attraction or emotional healing. I have found Rose Vanilla is particularly potent for attracting male lovers. Rose is also used to open up psychic abilities.

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Here’s how to make the magic work for you…

1. Hold the incense stick in your hands.

2. Take a moment to center your energy. Take a deep breath, and feel the air fill your lungs and release. Notice your feet standing firmly on the ground.

3. Now state your intention and feel that your energy is moving into the stick. You can say something like,“I bless and charge this incense to draw luck and good fortune to me today.”

4. Now light your incense and become aware of its scent. Allow it to permeate your senses for at least a few moments.

That’s it, incense magic can be that simple! Try it for yourself and see.

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Owlvine xx

What is your favorite incense scent? Let us know in the comments below…