The Black Candle

Black candles, or witch’s candles may be one of the most magical tools of all. There is nothing quite like sitting in a still, darkened room by the light of a single flame, as it gently twists and flicks atop an inky pillar, for setting a witchy mood.

While every candle color has its own meaning and magical properties, and white can be used for any purpose at all, there is a unique power that belongs to the black candle alone.

Armed with just a black candle and a few ingredients you probably have in your kitchen, you can cast simple and effective spells for multiple purposes.

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Black Candle House Cleansing Spell

Black candles are excellent for banishing, cleansing and removing negativity of all kinds. This spell is useful to clear a space of dense, or negative energy. You will know you need it if you begin to feel consistently sluggish, arguments keep occurring, your space seems dim, or if after regular cleaning it quickly feels dirty again.

You will need…

  • Black Candle
  • Salt
  • Pepper


If you have sage or incense you can use it to smudge, or smoke cleanse the candle and your space before you begin. (Do this by wafting the smoke around your space, and then run your candle through the smoke)


With a pin, pen or nail file carve the words “cleanse and clear” on to the black candle and light it. If your candle is too small, carve a five-pointed star onto it. Say,

“Candle black as night,
I ask you to cleanse
And clear all negativity
From my sight.”


Now imagine a surge of energy coming from the candle. You may feel it, see it, or just know that it is happening. It begins all around the candle and slowly moves out to push out all negative energy from your space.


Mix an equal amount of salt and pepper together in a bowl. This is a potent protection and banishing blend. Allow your mixture to sit by the black candle for a while to charge.


When you feel it is has been sufficiently empowered by the flame, take the salt and pepper mixture and sprinkle just a pinch in the center and in each corner of every room (or as close as you can get). You don’t need much!

Make sure to replace the salt and pepper when you vacuum or sweep to keep your space fresh, uplifting and clear. 


Lover Revealed Black Candle Spell

Most people don’t think to use black candles in love magic, but they’re very effective at removing obstacles in the path of love. And as you’ll see in this spell, they can also be used to guide your future lover out of the shadows and into the light.

You will need…

  • Black Candle
  • Sugar
  • Rose or Sweet Smelling Incense (Optional)


Carve “lover come to me” and/or a heart shape on the candle.


Hold the candle in your hands and say,

“My love, cast off your cloak of shadows,
So we can be together for all our tomorrows.”


Light the candle (and incense), and sprinkle a ring of sugar around the base.


Spend time focusing on your love emerging from the shadows before you, and becoming known. Speak to them through the power of the candle flame, visualize them appearing in your life.

Be open to the signs and omens that will now come your way. They are messages letting you know you and your love are being drawn closer to each other. You might hear a certain name over and over again, or your dreams may reveal clues. Take note.

These spells cover just two of the many uses black witch’s candles have. Among other things they’re also regularly used for protection, gaining magical knowledge, healing, dream magic, aiding deep meditation and reversal magic.

It’s easy and relatively inexpensive to find black candles in all shapes and sizes these days. They can be purchased in dollar stores, metaphysical shops and online. And with so many uses it’s no wonder they’re such a popular witchcraft tool.


Owlvine xx

Which spell piqued your interest? Let us know in the comments below! 

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