Plants and flowers can be powerful allies in our magickal and spiritual work. They each have a specific ‘energetic vibration’ that is available for us to tap into. Essential oils contain the essence of these plants and flowers in a distilled and potent form. The result is a powerful substance ready to be used for spiritual and magickal purposes.

Below are three of my top recommendations for magickal use, read on to see why… Get to know these essential oils, become friends with them and they will reveal their secrets to you!

using essential oils

1. Rose

Magickal properties: love, the universal oneness that is love, health, good attitude.

Health Benefits: Stress relief, lessen depression, ease headaches, better sleep, alleviates anxiety, mood elevation.

Rose essential oil can be used for spells to increase love and open the heart chakra. This oil can be rubbed on a candle, on a photo of yourself, or on a photo of a loved one. It could be placed in a diffuser to fill your ritual space with love. In the same way, it can be used to calm people in the room it is diffused in, and lift everyone’s spirits.

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 2. Lavender

Magickal properties: love, purification, attracting romance, protection, peace, sleep, uplifting.

Health Benefits: antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, alleviates anxiety, heals fungal infections, helps slow hair loss and can promote hair growth, alleviates depression, helps calm nausea.

A common use for lavender is as a sleep aid. You can make a sachet of lavender flowers sprinkled with lavender essential oil, say a little spell over it and sleep with it underneath your pillow. You will have an amazing sleep! To simplify I usually put a few drops on a tissue, place it next to my pillow and meditate before dropping off to sleep.

 3. Thyme

Magickal properties: magical, moving between time, sleep, enhances courage, purification, renews the self, repels negativity, enhances psychic ability, uplifting.

Health Benefits: insect repellant, anti-fungal, may reverse alopecia and promote hair growth, anti-bacterial.

Thyme is one of my favorite magickal plants. It assists in translating the deep spiritual teachings from unseen forces that we all have available to us. It manifests these lessons in a way that aids in true, personal understanding.

Heat Thyme essential oil in a diffuser to enjoy its powerful presence in your home. In a meditative state breathe it in and just allow your spiritual experience to unfold.


How To Use Essential Oils

One should not ingest essential oils; however, it is safe to invite the plants’ energy into your body through inhalation. To do this use an oil diffuser, a spray bottle (filled with water and a few drops of essential oil), or dab some oil on a cloth or tissue to sniff.

Scent affects our mood, triggers memories and can even have a very real physiological effect on our bodies. Because of this using scent regularly in our magick can help our spells and rituals be more powerful and effective.

We can also absorb the magickal properties of plants through our skin. Place a few drops of essential oil into a natural ‘carrier oil’ (such as almond, coconut, jojoba, olive, or sunflower oil) and then massage it gently into your skin.

Another way to soak up a plants’ essence is to blend 5-10 drops into warm bathwater.

Absorbing or inhaling essential oils sends information to the limbic system which affects both our emotions and nervous system in a very real way.

Veronica Schultz

What’s your go-to essential oil? Let us know in the comments below…

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