Negative energy. We hear about it all the time, but what exactly does that mean? How does it manifest in our lives and how can it empower us, rather than disable us?

Negative energy is an umbrella term so broad, it’s bound to be confusing. It covers anything from picking up on someone’s emotions, to being possessed by a spirit, to having an off day because you skipped breakfast! It can feel like brain fog, bad dreams, physical pain, or a lack of feeling connected to universal love. The good news is that a regular practice of these three spells to clear and protect your home and person are likely all you’ll ever need!

Psychically sensitive people tend to attract psychic flotsam and jetsam, so they have to be vigilant about keeping their energy fields light and clean. It’s this witch’s opinion that energy clearing and protecting should be learned in the very beginning stages of any magickal worker’s spiritual journey. These three categories cover the majority of what is actually meant by ye’ olde “negative energy.”

Empathic Residue

An empath is someone who takes on the emotional and spiritual states of other people. Almost everyone exists somewhere on the empathic spectrum, which is healthy and helpful — unless it is out of your control. The kind of “negative energy” an empath picks up isn’t necessarily even negative. Difficult emotions are big emotions, so it’s easy for an empath to get more than their fair share. But even the positive and in between ones can feel heavy if they aren’t your own.


Many witches and magickal workers experience spirit entities on a regular basis. Some mediums are able to detect subtle entities that attach themselves to unaware humans. Other entities are so powerful, you’ll know if you meet one! What kind of fantasmic beasts could I be talking about? Theories abound, but the way they are defined ultimately depends on culture. For some, the natural world has many different species of beings, good and bad, visible and invisible. Others hypothesize that entities are shadows or crossovers from a parallel dimension or a less material plane. In any case, there are times when that negative energy feeling may be coming from an unwanted hitchhiker!

Curses and Hexes

For the vast majority of people, curses and hexes are not an issue. Fear of curses and hexes, on the other hand, can be. It’s a bit of a paradox that the more paranoia you have about being cursed, the more open you are to attack. If you feel you’ve been cursed, your first order of business is to take a good look at who you choose for company and to draw better boundaries. Next, understand that curses are only effective if you allow them to be. In truth, your luck, destiny, and energy field are completely within your control. Once you understand that, curses become like rubber and glue. They “bounce off of me, and stick to you!” A healthy energy cleansing practice will take care of anything that has come under the radar, just in case.

Three Methods to Keep That Energy Shiny and New

The Violet Flame Meditation

This powerful healing meditation is your first and best defense against any and all of the above challenges. It’s best to start by devoting a good ten or fifteen minutes to the meditation. Then, when you can easily visualize and feel the process, you’ll be able to do a “flash meditation” in a few seconds, whenever you feel you’ve picked up something heavy or negative throughout the day.

  • Bring your attention into your heart space. Imagine a pure white flame that casts a glowing globe of white light.
  • Slowly feel the white light begin to expand. Try using your breath, so that the light expands a foot or two on every exhale. The circle of light grows steadily until it envelops your whole body and you are sitting inside a large globe.
  • Now bring your attention back to the heart space. Visualize a single violet flame.
  • Allow the violet flame to expand all through the white light until the entire ball is violet.
  • Say, “I am purified. I forgive. I am forgiven.”
  • Allow the violet light to sink back to your heart center. Visualize it getting smaller and then becoming invisible there, without going out.
  • Say, “I AM the violet flame.”


Mineral Magick Personal Protection Charm

Any material can become a charm if it is blessed and charged. Crystals, metals, and minerals, however, don’t need charging because they have intrinsic properties. Pick up one of these or put all three in a little mojo bag to be protected at all times.

Against Entities: Iron is the most powerful of deflecting materials, found in the earth, outer space, and in our own bodies. Throughout the world, iron is used to protect against mischievous entities. Simply carrying a tiny hunk of meteorite or a little skeleton key on you should be enough!

Against Empathic Residue: Hematite is a perfect stone for empaths. It is calming, balancing, and grounding, which is exactly what these sensitive souls are in need of. At the same time, it helps to create boundaries, enhancing the ability to sense what energy is coming from outside, versus inside. To use it, spend three minutes holding the stone in the palm of your hand as you meditate.

Against Curses: Labradorite is a stone of emotional and psychic transcendence. It allows you to rise above the fray. Pair it with Rose Quartz to add an element of compassion and joy, so you can walk through a web of curses if you have to, always taking the high road.


Sweep it Sacred

A broom is a witch’s best friend in this energetic house cleaning spell as in…well all the time! Use this spell as a regular psychic cleansing exercise or after some negative energy comes through the house.

Step One

Stand in your central living space and dangle the broom a few inches off the floor. You will be sweeping the energy close to the ground, not actually sweeping the floor.

Step Two

Let the broom begin to sweep back and forth through the air. It should feel like a pendulum, swinging from side to side.

Step Three

Once you feel at ease with the movement, begin to visualize a bright, golden energy swooshing around with the sweep of the broom.

Step Four

Turn in a clockwise circle as you make the rhythmic sweeping motion. See the golden light dissolve any energy that is stuck or dark in color. Gradually widen your circle till you are “sweeping” in a spiral.

Step Five

End by sweeping out the open door.


Love & Light!

Raven Hinojosa

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