When the Moon opposes Saturn a sense of heaviness can be added to the atmosphere, and unfortunately, it can make a small problem seem bigger than it is.

Moon opposite Saturn Transit

During this transit, it’s important not to get too much in your own head. During a Moon opposite Saturn transit, you can easily feel bored, sad, pressured or frustrated. You might feel like you just can’t get started. And if you feel like you’ve got a lot to do, it could make you feel totally out of sorts.

This transit is also well known for blowing things out of proportion, especially when it comes to challenges or issues you’re facing. You’re likely to make mountains out of molehills today, so just remember to take it easy. 

The best thing you can do when the Moon opposes Saturn is to not take things personally, relax and try to give yourself some sort of a reality check. Ask yourself, are things really that bad? Unfortunately, given your mindset today, your answer might be ‘yes’ but trust us, once you’re out of this transit, you may feel altogether differently.

That said, you might want to avoid socializing too much today. Relationships and friendships might be strained as your bad mood and negativity may affect what you say. And vice versa – Remember, we’re all under the influence of this energy at the same time, so it’s probably not the best time to schedule a catch up or a date.

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Moon opposite Saturn Natal

Unfortunately is you have the Moon opposite Saturn in your natal chart, you’ll find some unique challenges plague your life. It is one of the most challenging aspects to have in your birth chart because it comes with a dilemma – you will crave emotional nourishment and connection, but for one reason or another, you’ll likely find it challenging to come across, and keep relationships…

Moon aspects always focus on relationships with your mother, and how it influences your life. And for this aspect, you may find that your mother was not there for you physically, emotionally or otherwise.

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