Mercury Conjunct Venus Transit

With Mercury ruling communication and Venus being the planet of love, today serves up a cosmic concoction of love-filled words. Simply put, it’s the perfect time to tell somebody that you love them. Whether that be to remind your spouse of 20 years that you still feel the butterflies or to tell a new love for the first time, those three little words will really hit hard today.

During this transit, your ability to see the good in people, love them for who they are and appreciate all they do will be at an all-time high. And it’s not just one way either, you could be on the receiving end of the loving vibes!

When Mercury is in conjunct with Venus it is time to tell someone, you love them. You are in touch with the reasons why you love another person and can easily express your emotions. It is possible for you to show your appreciation for someone by a given a gift or some other display of affection.

There is just as much chance as you would be on the receiving end of someone else’s affection or love. You might be receiving a love letter, an invitation, a gift, or a monetary reward. You might also find that any of your artistic and creative skills would be enhanced and you would enjoy making something with your hands or even with your voice. You will find them and satisfaction in anything musical or something creative such as poetry and crafts.

This transit is favourable for trading and negotiating because you have an enhanced communication style as well as a knife or a bargain. You are able to arrive at peaceful settlements to disputes and you are confident when it comes to making decisions and signing contracts.


What does Mercury conjunct Venus in the natal chart mean?

When Mercury is in contact with Venus when you were born it is highly likely that you are a loving culture and honest person. People regard you as someone with good breeding. However, you may have a tendency to be passive and submissive but it is only a means by which you try to achieve peace in your life. Diplomacy is one of your final points and you may often be called on to sort out problems between groups as a mediator.

Communication is another strength of yours. Your style of communication is agreeable which is critical and your proficiency is not specific to any field of study. You have the ability to communicate things in an affectionate and loving way. It is often helped by your amazing voice which is melodic poetic as well as relaxing.

Since you have such an immense talent for communication it follows that you will be at ease in social situations unless this alignment receives challenging aspects from Saturn or other harsh planets in your chart. People will find that you are a refined elegant and even mesmerizing company.

You have an awesome appreciation of art and creativity. You are notable for your strong pattern recognition. During your academic years, you are probably a visual learner as well as an avid reader. You see pictures and words and vice versa.

Since Mercury planets will straighten Venus planet rules money you are awesome in business and enjoy purchasing and selling. It is critical to your talent as a negotiator. Other interests of yours may be journalism politics art music as well as astrology. However, as mentioned previously your skills and talents enables you to succeed in any profession.