PinHappy Summer Solstice, to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere!

June 20th will be the longest day of the year, and when the Sun will be at its peak! This is a fiery time of passion, creativity and magic!

If you’re Pagan, then you probably identity the Summer Solstice with Litha – a day of inner power and brightness.

If you want to celebrate the Summer Solstice in true Pagan fashion, you have a heap of options to choose from… From meditating about the light and dark forces in their world to celebrating outside with weddings and bonfires!

If you live in this part of the world, here are some other ways you can celebrate and honor the Solstice:

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1. Drink Water Infused with Sun Energy

Here is a simple recipe. I love it, and I hope you do too! It includes ingredients have solar correspondences, and it is meant to help you take in the energy of the Sun when it’s at its brightest.

This infusion would be ideal to create on the 21st, but within about three days before and afterwards is fine as well.


  • 1 chamomile teabag
  • 1 teaspoon dried chrysanthemum flowers
  • 1 round slice of lemon (shaped like the Sun)
  • 1 round slice of orange
  • 1 800ml glass jar full of filtered, distilled or spring water
  1. Place all of the ingredients in the glass jar
  2. Cover with a lid and place it to sit in the sunlight during the day (you could place near your window, on your windowsill, or in your yard)

2. Create a “Solar” Spray

Here is a recipe that also involves charging with sunlight. This is another way you could take in the energy of the Sun when it is at its peak…

  • Take a clear glass spray bottle and put water, witch hazel and several drops of frankincense and orange essential oil into it.
  • Place the bottle to sit in the sunlight during the day.

Use the spray whenever you’d like a boost of solar energy!

You could also create it with a specific intention related to the energies of the Sun. For example, I’d created mine with the intention of having it help me to shine my light.

If you are using an intention, then direct this intention into the bottle after assembling the ingredients and before placing it under the Sun.

Some other solar-themed intentions could be having more confidence, self-worth, creativity, willpower, personal power, vitality, etc.

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3. Spend Time Near Water

The summer solstice is known as a fiery time, but it also links with the element of Water. This is because the solstice is when the Sun moves into the cardinal water sign Cancer.

You could spend some time at the beach, or visit a river or lake and experience the subtle yet powerful healing and purification that this element offers. If you cannot get to a body of water at this time, a salt bath would be a great alternative. Or, you could do a meditation that involves visualising being in and near water.

4. Bring “Sunny” Flowers into your Home

Flowers always uplift a home space by offering us its beauty and magic. Bring some sunny flowers into your home or garden for a good dose of solar energy.

Some solar flowers to choose from are: sunflowers, daisies, chamomile, marigold, dandelion, peony and chrysanthemum.

5. Wear Solar Colors

Don’t underestimate the power of color! Embody the energy of the Sun by wearing gold, gold glitter, red, orange, and/or yellow.

However you choose to celebrate – Happy Summer Solstice! And happy Winter Solstice to those of you down South!