Happy Summer Solstice!

This time marks the Summer Solstice – when the Sun is at its peak. It is a fiery time of passion, creativity and magic! You can find out more about this magical time of year here.

Here are some ways you can celebrate and honor the Solstice:

summer solstice citrus waterPin1. Your Summer Solstice Refreshment: Flower and Citrus Water

This would be ideal to create on the Summer Solstice itself, but within 3 days afterwards is fine as well. I love this recipe, and I hope you do too! It includes ingredients that correspond to the Sun, and is meant to help you take in the energy of the Sun when it’s at its brightest…


  • 1 chamomile teabag
  • 1 teaspoon dried chrysanthemum flowers
  • 1 round slice of lemon (shaped like the Sun)
  • 1 round slice of orange
  • 1 800ml glass jar full of filtered, distilled or spring water
  1. Place all of the ingredients in the glass jar
  2. Cover with a lid and place it to sit in the sunlight during the day (you could place near your window, on your window sill, or in your yard).

It’s the perfect summery refreshment for the Summer Solstice!

summer solstice recipePin2. Create a “Solar” Spray

This recipe also involves charging with sunlight. This is another way you could take in the energy of the Sun when it is at its peak…

  1. Take a clear glass spray bottle and put water, witch hazel and several drops of frankincense and orange essential oil into it.
  2. Place the bottle to sit in the sunlight during the day.

Use the spray whenever you’d like a boost of solar energy!

You could also create it with a specific intention related to the energies of the Sun. For example, I’d created mine with the intention of having it help me to shine my light.

If you are using an intention, then direct this intention into the bottle after assembling the ingredients and before placing it under the Sun.

3. Take Time to Review and Revise Your Plans

The Mercury retrograde we are experiencing is an influence for us all at this time. This is a great time to restructure our plans for the new year ahead.

Mercury went retrograde in 15 degrees Capricorn on the 19th of this month, and will be in this position until the 8th of January.

That means you still have plenty of time to revise and reassess your plans for the new year. Even into the beginning of January, it is not the time to make big actions just yet.

housesPinYou can ask yourself:

  • What did not work for me in 2016?
  • What would be good to release? (This could be beliefs that are not serving you, situations/relationships, habits, old emotions, etc.)
  • Which plans are in line with my heart and higher purpose for 2017? Which ones shall I discard or revise?

Side Note: These plans could be career oriented (since Capricorn is the sign of career and finances), but you could look at which house 15 degrees of Capricorn is in on your personal birth chart, to see what part of your life could be reviewed.

Here is a map of the astrological houses, and with just some of their many themes.

And if you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere, happy Winter Solstice! We wouldn’t want to forget you so head here for your dedicated Winter Solstice blog post :)

Sending much love to you all.

Happy new year!!