In the Seven of Wands we find a perfect distillation of one of the main attributes of wands: love of fighting. This is not necessarily hostility or excessive combativeness (although it can be). This is the invigorating exhilaration of a challenge, the fiery motivation of competition or the simple joy of being out in the world battling opponents, taming wilder elements and overcoming obstacles toward the attainment of a treasured goal.

The card usually speaks loudly enough for itself: step up! Rise to the challenge! Assert yourself! Defend what is yours to defend, and go on the offensive if you have to in order to manifest your desires. Anger or combativeness is not in all circumstances something bad; often therapists encourage patients who suffer from depression to tap into and realize their anger, because anger is actually self-empowering and thus a higher state of being than despair or a sense of powerlessness. Anger, whether it be towards others, towards oneself or one’s life circumstances, can be deeply motivating and energizing for the psyche; one reaches the point of being absolutely fed up with the current conditions, and channels the tremendous force of this angry energy into enacting changes and creating solutions.

A healthy relationship with your own powers of aggression is furthermore really a healthy relationship to your sense of personal boundaries, and this idea is suggested in the layout of the Seven of Wands. There are six wands, presumably belonging to a kind of mob or army, encroaching upon the figure on the card, who must use his own wand if he has any hope of succeeding. Without self-confidence, he would not have the bravery to fight. Without a personal dream or goal, he would have no motivation to stop them. Without boundaries or self-respect, he might let this mob trample all over his dreams, no matter how cherished they may be. But since he possesses these qualities, symbolized by the confident and ferocious wielding of his wand, the world cannot just have its way with him. This card represents, among other things, self-empowerment; no matter what is coming towards you, and no matter how outnumbered you may be, the power of your own fortified will is strong enough to move mountains. Be confident. Don’t back down. Believe in yourself.

Astrological Association:

The Seven of Wands card is connected to Mercury / Mars in aspect with Saturn, as the embodiment of agility.

Card meanings upright:

The Seven of Wands card can represent defensiveness or building protective walls in your life. You may be protecting your point of view or position on a matter to your advantage. Others may find it difficult to get close to you during this time.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Seven of Wands card is reversed, it may mean that you are struggling to hold your ground on something in your life or fighting a losing battle, particularly if your opinion is not popular. You may refrain from defending yourself and become embarrassed or anxious. You may also notice opposition coming from your subordinates during this time as well.

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The Seven of Wands card can indicate that now is a great time to put a great deal of thought and research into becoming self-employed, if this has been something you’ve been desiring. If you are willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen, you will likely be successful in you efforts. You may benefit from remaining logical, so if you can start your own business while working elsewhere, that may make great sense in your life to do so.

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The Seven of Wands card may mean that you should not hesitate to speak your mind in a committed relationship in your life. Doing so will likely improve many aspects of your relationship as long as you are respectful and considerate while expressing your feelings. If you are single, you may soon meet someone new in a place you don’t often frequent, so try new things and go new places during this time if you are open to love.

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The Seven of Wands card may mean that you can soon expect an increase or bonus in your financial life that will be worth more than you had imagined. You may benefit by thinking long-term in your finances and making sensible investments.

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The Seven of Wands may indicate that you need to face your fears to experience strength and growth in your spiritual life. You may need to remember that courage cannot exist without fear to inspire it and feel strong in casting away your fear and doubts. If you feel especially inspired to pursue your dreams, now is a good time to chase all your desires.

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