The Eight of Wands represents swiftness, progress, unity of intention or direction and effective communication. All of the Wands, which signify ambition, determination, intention or aspiration, are moving in the same direction. Plans are in motion, money is exchanging hands, messages are being sent and received and a period of high activity takes over. You may “launch” a project now, or there may simply be a lot of movement, including planning, communication, busy-work, milestones being met and physical travel.

The descent of the Wands onto the earth signifies the unity of fire and earth, that is, dreams are becoming reality. What was once only a little spark in the imagination is now in concrete form, or well on its way to becoming so. Notice there are no people even pictured on this card; this symbolizes the great power of momentum in a project. At a certain point when the enthusiasm, determination and aggressive self-assertion have reached a certain stage, the project now propels itself forward on its own, without anyone having to make concerted, conscious effort. People are ready to receive information with open ears, and will respond quickly and efficiently.

There are 22 leaves sprouting from these wands, representing the 22 Trumps of the Major Arcana. This suggests the great potential of a personal spirit; the full range of human experience is possible to accomplish if only you get clear about your goals, develop a daring and enterprising plan and enthusiastically put it in motion. In short this card is the “green light” card. All things are a go.

Astrological Association:

The Eight of Wands card is connected to the time factor in the astrological prediction, in the moment when it begins to change, progress, or cycle.

Card meanings upright:

The Eight of Wands card may indicate swift action and progress in your life. You may be planning travels which will take you to visit someone, or bring someone to visit you.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Eight of Wands card is reversed, it can represent a lack of energy or mean that things are not moving the right direction in your life. You may experience poor time management or delays, and news or correspondence you send is likely to get lost.


The Eight of Wands card may mean that you are waiting on decisions from others at work. You may receive good news or decisions in your favor if you remain patient and do try to push decisions of others into action.


The Eight of Wands card can indicate that you may be feeling ready for a romantic commitment in your life, but do not see one forthcoming from your love interest. Patience may be your best strategy to receive the commitment you desire from your loved one, and it is likely to happen sooner than you might think.


The Eight of Wands card can indicate a period of being stuck financially. Now is not a good time to invest in anything unless you are planning for the long-term. Patience and control in your spending will benefit you most during this time.


The Eight of Wands card can represent the need for a period of stillness, patience, and peace in your spiritual life. You may benefit from meditating, even if you have to start by remaining still and quiet in short time increments at first.


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