The Six of Wands depicts a parade or celebration in honor of a great victory. The fearless leader raises his wand above those of his followers who cheer and praise him. Again we see the headband of the Magician, indicating that the rider has followed his own personal, individual vision, or was the “mastermind” behind the venture; the rewards and honors shown on the card indicate that he successfully carried this vision from dream all the way to fruition. In doing so, he not only attains a personal victory, and perhaps material reward for himself and his community, he also imparts a great gift in simply being a positive, inspiring example to others (signified by the fact that he is elevated on a pedestal above them). He has shown, through the qualities of fearlessness, ambition and energetic self-assertion which belong to the whole Wands suit, that anything is possible to achieve if you are brave enough to pursue it and persistent enough to see it through.

On the one hand the card shows a victory in a material or social sense, and this is its most common manifestation when it shows up in a reading. Yet the greater victory is in the sheer act of bringing something out of nothing, or proving to yourself and others that you have unerring self-confidence and determination in the face of whatever obstacles may come. In a reading, this card represents rewards, accolades, promotions and triumph generally.

Alternatively, it may signify “taking the lead” or assuming a leadership role toward the end of a successful outcome, or finding the right team of people who can support you in the fulfillment of your ambition. In its more negative aspects, it may indicate one who is overly preoccupied with receiving praise or recognition from others, or being an “over-achiever”.

Astrological Association:

The Six of Wands is connected to Jupiter in the 10th house, as a symbol of success and fame.

Card meanings upright:

The Six of Wands card can represent the popularity, progress, victory, success, and self-confidence you desire in your life. People likely look up to you, and you may soon be recognized for something that is important to you. Now is a good time to focus on pursuing your dreams, rather than trying to run away from fears.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Six of Wands card is reversed, if can mean that you may not be getting the rewards or recognition that you deserve in your life. You may find that where improvements should be happening, there is only deterioration.

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The Six of Wands card may mean that you are well positioned to find a new career role or job. If you are happy with your existing work, you may find that things will only get better at work, and you will be shown that your efforts are valued if you keep up your good work.

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The Six of Wands card can indicate that things will soon be improving in your committed relationship. You may find that you are feeling more connected to your partner and feeling very happy in your relationship. If you are looking for love, you may soon be entering a relationship with someone you’ve been dreaming about.

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The Six of Wands can mean that things may start going much better for you in your financial life, regardless of anything else going on in your life. You may benefit by remaining prudent and prepared should a rainy day come about in your financial future.

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The Six of Wands can mean you will be getting in touch with your deep joy and love of life. Others may need to witness your joy and gifts, so now is a good time to share your happiness with others in the world.

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