receiving guidance from angels 2In all the years I’ve been giving intuitive readings, I’ve learned that every one of us is afraid. We’re afraid of all kinds of things: rejection, criticism, and not having enough. Mostly, we’re afraid of the unknown. This fear accounts for most of our anxiety. We want to know that our future holds safety, security, and fulfillment.

As you go through your day, your different fears are vibrating together somewhere in your body. It exists as a cloud of uneasiness under the surface, and many of us have strategies to push it away temporarily.

Here’s a small list of 3 actions that can rapidly transform these feelings into a sense of peace.

First, rather than ignoring your fears or trying to distract yourself from them, make a list of your worries. Here’s a little example list:

  • I’m worried about my dad’s health.
  • I’m worried about my marriage deteriorating.
  • I’m scared of not being able to pay my bills this month.

For each item on your list, you’ll do these 3 things:

Action #1 – Surrender

receiving guidance anxiety help 2Close your eyes and bring the first issue to your attention without analyzing it, and without letting your mind try to come up with a solution. Just bring the situation to your attention and breathe. If you knew how to solve the problem, your vigilant mind would have done it already. Surrendering is like being in a little boat, and letting go of the oars, allowing the current to direct you. Surrender doesn’t mean that you are quitting or giving up. It just means that you are acknowledging that right now, the situation you are worrying about is the way it is. To surrender is to stop resisting the present moment. Surrender also acknowledges that you have no control over certain things. It can be scary, but freeing at the same time.

As you breathe, you’ll notice a moment where your energy shifts from resistance to acceptance. And when I say “acceptance,” I don’t mean that all of a sudden you like the situation, or you no longer care. Acceptance honors the truth in the present moment. It helps to state aloud or in your mind what the truth is right now. “Right now, this is the truth: I don’t like my job.” And breathe. Or, “My son is angry with me right now.” State the truth of the situation to yourself and watch for the shift in your energy. It’s very subtle, and feels like letting go. You might find your shoulders relax all of a sudden, and your breathing start to deepen. And, you might tighten up again. That’s okay. Stay with it. There are so many things we don’t have control over. By letting go of the illusion that you have control, you’re free.

Action #2 ~ Give the Situation to Spirit

If you can surrender by accepting this moment as it is, the next step is to give the situation to your angels, and allow them to take it off your hands. Ask them to take the heaviness and fear, and the sense of overwhelming responsibility you might be feeling to fix whatever is bothering you.

receiving guidance anxiety helpYour angels and spirit guides have an endless capacity to carry these burdens, and really, it is no burden for them. They are also absolute experts in coming up with solutions. Visualize your angels taking away the problem, and imagine them bringing it back to you at a later time, restored and healed. You might visualize yourself holding up your hands and giving the situation to them. You can ask your angels to help, or your spirit guides, or both! The only difference between these beings is in their energy and vibration. Whatever feels best to you and resonates with you the most is perfect. You could also skip them and go straight to Source. You can ask for help from Life, Love, The Universe, or very simply, Spirit.

Feel the relief that comes from knowing that you have an entire team and/or creative intelligence working on your concern joyously! They are coming up with a solution that is more creative and profound than anything your overtaxed mind could dream. Have faith that an answer is coming shortly. It could come in many different ways. The situation might shift in a positive way, your attitude about it may shift, or you might have a dream or an inspired idea. Whatever happens, know that you’ve been heard and are being taken care of and supported.

Action #3 ~ Give Again! But to Yourself

receiving guidance anxietyI want you to give yourself a gift — time alone, a mental health day from work, an ice cream cone. Whatever makes you feel nourished. So often, we see to other people’s needs before our own, and we believe we are selfish if we do something for ourselves. If you struggle with feeling worthy of a gift, imagine you’re giving a gift to your own child.

It’s so important to love yourself this way. There is a little child part inside you, who tries so hard to solve adult problems, and then feels frightened because she doesn’t know how. Give her a gesture of your love. It could be something she likes — comfort food, a day at the beach. It can be very simple and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of time.

The little child part of us is not accustomed to being heard or paid attention to, and you’ll find that if you ask her what she wants, she’ll speak right up! This is an important step, because the one who is worrying about the issues in your life, is a child part. She’s scared, and she needs an adult to step in and help.

One of the most important gifts you can give yourself is permission to be free of guilt. Your angels and spirit guides know that nothing is your fault. Even those “bad decisions” you think you’ve made, were made because that was the best you could do in the moment, based on everything that happened before the decision. If your 4-year old daughter made a mistake, would you scream at her, tell her she’s stupid, and punish her over and over and over again? That’s what we do to ourselves.

Spirit guides want you to let go of trying to be what your inner judge says you have to be in order to be okay. They want you to completely, totally, let yourself off the hook. Give yourself permission to love who you love, to move away from what doesn’t serve you, to want what you want, and to need what you need — without reference to anyone else.

Here’s a final message I’m getting from spirit guides for you:

“You sometimes pretend to be lost and confused, but we know you. Deep within, you are not lost. You live in drama and pain, not remembering that you’re safe, and you’re home. You’re watching a scary movie and having a bad dream. When you awaken, you’ll see you never left Heaven. Be kind to yourself. We love you, and are standing by to help.”

About Jessica McKay

Jessica McKay is an intuitive counselor and the author of The Wisdom of a Psychic Cat ~ 15 Lessons on Happiness for Humans. She is co-author of When Heaven Touches Earth by James Van Praagh and others. Jessica offers private readings and energy healing sessions at



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