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First of All, … What is Virgo Season?

Every year, Earth rotates around the Sun once, (well almost… that’s what leap years are for) moving through the 12 astrological signs (also known as zodiac or sun signs).

The Sun spends about a calendar month’s worth of time in each zodiac sign, crossing the threshold between them on or around the 20th-23rd of each month. An interesting note is that the astrological year begins around March 20th, when The Sun crosses into Aries, the very first sign of the zodiac.

What all this means energetically, is that the solar energy that we receive here on Earth is contained by and infused with the energy of the zodiac sign it sits within during a set period of time. So regardless of your own personal sign (where the Sun was when YOU were born), each time the Sun changes sign, this prevailing energy we all feel, also changes.

Why is this significant?

Because Solar energy is our Fuel!

Astrologically, the Sun is the source. It’s the center of our solar system and of ourselves. So the particular flavor that solar energy takes on at any one time also flavors life as we know it! And if you know what this tastes like, you can more easily figure out the best things to do with your time, the best other ingredients to bring in, what to avoid and what kind of focus will bring you greatest success and engulfment.

When is Virgo Season?

Virgo Season is from August 23 – Sept 21

What Does Virgo Season Mean?

Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac and the second of the earth signs. It’s known for it’s grounded, practical and efficient ways. As a mutable sign, it’s adaptable, flexible and thrives through the kinds of upheaval others fear! At its core, it brings a unifying energy – through clearing, cleansing and purifying its surroundings, this sign brings cohesion.

People with either Sun or Moon in Virgo are often prone to allergies or digestive problems – it’s as though the toxins and impurities we are all faced with in our modern life are actually much harder to handle for the delicate systems of these people.

On a practical level, when the prevailing solar winds are blowing through Virgo, we are all encouraged to cleanse our systems. For some, the focus will be the body, new health and fitness regimes will be devised. Others will feel an urge to deep clean their homes, throwing out anything no longer useful. The energy of Virgo moves through each level of our being, and from the personal, inner worlds to the outer, collective realms. It’s often a useful, productive astrological season and one which is easily felt by even the staunchest disbelievers!

But … blink and you’ll miss it! It’s easy during Virgo season to get wrapped up in a hundred tiny details and get side-tracked by things which are ultimately unlikely to serve you in the future. So to stop that from happening, here are 5 easy, do-able things you can do to streamline and make daily life easier for yourself. Which is what Virgo is alllll about!

1. Clear the Clutter

Mininalist White Scene with Potted PlantPinOk, not the most exciting or dynamic of activities but one of the most crucial. If you’re serious about streamlining your life, it’s imperative to clear the clutter. Not only does having a lot of physical stuff around make it difficult to navigate the space you live in and actually find what you need, it clogs the energetic imprint of your home too. In order to be able to think clearly, your mental and emotional bodies need to have clarity and calm. But if bombarded with a myriad of unfinished, onerous, displaced objects, your energetic focus is scattered. Before you’ve even started.

Marie Kondo, global queen of tidy spaces describes how “clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong.” She emphasizes the importance of giving everything that you actually need and want in life, a place. How do you know if you need or want it? Pick it up and ask yourself: “Does it spark joy!?” If it does, it’s a keeper, so put it where it belongs. And if not, it’s time to let it go, and create that space and clarity you deserve.

2. Tackle Self-Improvement One Piece at a Time

Tiny Buddha Statue and CrystalsPinThe fact that you’re here, reading this article indicates that you’re probably someone who has an interest in self-improvement. BUT, how often do you find that your efforts to develop and evolve one part of yourself or your life gets gazumped when another interest, practice, method, diet, trend or mentor shows up and distracts you from your original goal?

With SO many external influences, it’s really easy to become swayed like this. Which is why it’s so much better if you can devote yourself to tackling self-improvement one piece at a time.

Be ruthless about this.

Whether it’s a new eating plan or meditation practice, a commitment to developing self-confidence or connecting with your ancestors, don’t sit and scan social media, opening yourself up to everyone else’s agendas. Spend that time on yours.

3. Plan your Days Properly

Diary, Planner, Journal with leavesPinWhat do you need to achieve with the day?

What do you want to achieve with the day?

How much can you realistically achieve with the day?

Now break it all down into manageable steps, bite-size chunks that you know you can either do yourself or delegate to somebody else (and make that part of the plan too).

SO much daily effort is wasted when energy is spent on NOT going in the most useful direction, at the most useful time. Planning may not feel like the most efficient activity to be doing, when you have all this energy to throw into your daily tasks, but doing this first will plug the leaks. It will provide direction, pace and the container. AND an enormous sense of satisfaction when you get to cross each step off your list with triumph!

4. Give yourself Deadlines

Alarm Clock PinIf you give yourself a day to complete a task, it will take a day. If you need to get it done in 30 minutes, the likelihood is that it will be done and dusted within that half-hour timeframe. This is the beauty of deadlines – they spur us into action and also, crucially, provide the focus of completion.

The trick, however, comes with finding that sweet-spot between the motivating factor of limited time and the panic it may also create, destroying your ability to think straight or do what you need to!

So play with deadlines. See how quickly you can do simple tasks, without losing quality, focus or enjoyment. And why not use the time you have saved to reward yourself, by doing something you love?

5. Schedule in Breaks and Down Time

Coffee cupsPinOne of the hardest things to comprehend is that by spending time NOT doing, you may actually become more efficient when you ARE doing.

Studies show that the natural rhythm to which our brains work is to focus for 50-90 minutes (you should be able to work out where you lie in this range) followed by about 20 minutes’ rest. But if you keep trying to focus for longer and deny your brain a rest, your productivity, clarity of thought and ability to make decisions rapidly declines. So you may feel like you’re doing great by working for an uninterrupted three-hour stretch, but in fact, is what you’re creating of any great quality? Or could you do better by scheduling in breaks? And by breaks, I mean no screens, some physical movement and even a burst of fresh air.

But if you don’t schedule these breaks in, it’s likely you’ll forget to take them, so set yourself an alarm or the timer on your phone to remind you when it’s time to press pause! And no cheating!

Virgo season is THE time to shake-up and streamline how you do things. This is because as an earth sign, the changes implemented now will root into the bedrock of your life, and become your future habits. What feels like extra effort now will become tomorrow’s normal!

So try some of these tips, and when you do, let us know how life has improved for you. And if you have some of your own personal life hacks that have transformed the way your life flows, please share with the community in the comments below.

Happy Virgo Season!