Your Tarot Birth Card – Life Path 2: The High Priestess (Magic, Mystery, And Spiritual Love)

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Welcome back to my series on the Tarot Birth Card! Last week we had some fun looking at Life Path 1 – The Magician, but this week we’re all about Life Path 2 – The High Priestess!

If you missed out on last week’s post, then head here to find out how to determine your life path number and your associated tarot birth card. Each Monday over the coming weeks, I’ll be discussing each of the nine tarot birth cards and their person-centered interpretations.

We’ll look at typical strengths and weaknesses, who you’re likely to fancy (and who turns you off), and the kind of work or lifestyle you might find satisfying. Whilst a single tarot card could never sum up an entire person, it can be fun and helpful to learn which tarot archetype represents you, and how you can use its energy in different areas of your life.

Again, if you’re not sure what your tarot birth card is, read this first!

Life Path 2 – The High Priestess

the high priestess - life path 2“What lies behind the veil.”

The High Priestess is the psychic of the tarot. Sitting cooly in front of a hanging veil, she is the guardian of the subconscious. A crescent moon sits at her feet and she holds a mysterious scroll in her arms – what secrets does this contain?

This is a person who knows how to tap into higher powers to get beneath the surface of what’s really going on. An expert in her own soul’s calling, she is also able to tune into the resonance of others – something people can find wildly attractive… or just plain spooky. She’ll listen to what you have to say, pause for an awkwardly-long silence, and then get to the heart of what’s really going on as if by magic.

What lies behind The High Priestess’ veil? A vast, calm ocean. The element of water, representing intuition and pure feeling. The High Priestess is master of this realm – a spiritualist and a teacher. Ask her very nicely and she might let you through so you can bathe in that ocean.

Key Strengths:

Tarot Birth Card Strengths⇢ You have unusual psychic abilities – perhaps you ‘see’ or ‘hear’ things other people can’t.
⇢ You often find you know people better than they seem to know themselves.
⇢ Quiet and thoughtful, you don’t waste words.
⇢ You have a great sense of self-understanding, and the skill and willingness to continually delve deeper.
⇢ You may not have a huge social circle, but the hand-picked friends you have, you know well and love dearly.

Key Challenges:

Tarot Birth Card Challenges⇢ People often interpret you as aloof or impenetrable and you do have a tendency to seem like you ‘know it all’.

⇢ You may find it hard to let people get close to you.

⇢ You might have trouble lightening up from time to time. Not everything has to be about deep meaning – remember to relax and enjoy life’s simpler pleasures sometimes!

⇢ You have a tendency to overwhelm people with your complicated ideas. Try to bring things back to the realm of the real to avoid being confusing!

Who You Hookin’ Up With?

Tarot Birth Card - Love⇢ You and a Heirophant (Life Path 5) would make an impressive, indomitable team as two deeply intelligent spiritual ‘teachers’.

⇢ A Hermit (Life Path 9) would complement your ‘inward looking’ energy, though if you two got together, your friends needn’t expect to see much of you and this could be a decidedly anti-social relationship!

⇢ You’d probably clash with an Emperor (Life Path 4), who doesn’t have time for your ‘deep thoughts’.

⇢ The Empress‘ (Life Path 3) focus on the material and the sensual might be off-putting to you. On the other hand perhaps she’ll bring you down to earth and cook you a fabulous meal to stir up your senses. If you’re shy in bed she’d show you a thing or two with love and understanding.

Work And Lifestyle Ideas:

Tarot Birth Card - Work & Lifestyle⇢ Your interest in the subconscious would make you a great counsellor or psychotherapist. You enjoy listening to other people and getting to the root of what they’re saying. Taking this further, you could develop your psychic abilities and be a spiritualist, medium, tarot reader or other esoteric practitioner.

⇢ You would also make a great spiritual teacher. You’ve spent a long time learning about the mysteries of the unconscious, and have much to share with others. People see you as an authority on their own inner needs and come to you for help – you have the skills to show them how to journey like you have and find their own truths.

⇢ As an artist, you’re dark, deep and often difficult to understand. You wow them with your mystery!

What’s Up Next?

Next week we’ll be focusing on Life Path 3, The Empress!

Until then, drop me a note below. If you’re a Life Path 2, let me know how you relate to The High Priestess and if you’ve seen similar characteristics appear in your own life. And if you’re not a 2, how have you interacted with 2s in the past? Has it been easy? Challenging? Are you in a relationship with one?

Image sources: Tools by Juan Pablo BravoConversation Hearts by Victor Mosqueda. All images of tarot cards are courtesy of the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck (© US Games Systems).

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