December 22 marks the Sun’s move from fire-sign Sagittarius, into much more structured and considered sea-goat Capricorn, where our Solar Ruler will stay until January 19. It’s also the shortest (or longest) day of the year, depending on where you are – winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and summer solstice in the south. But wherever you are on the globe, it’s this strong, rooted Capricornian vibe that will see you through to the end of this year, and into the next.

In Astrology, Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. This describes its initiating quality (here we are, with this sign ushering in the deep winter and clicking that dimmer switch up, as the light starts to slowly lift) and its sure-footed, grounded and practical grip on the world. For the next 30 days, this is the prevailing energy that we’ll all be fuelled by. It’s no accident that the annual Gregorian calendar change occurs on Capricorn’s watch – it offers a far-sighted, ambitions but relentlessly rooted energy that serves us better than any other, as we’re crossing the threshold of time.

Here’s why –

1. Hard Work

It’s NO secret that Capricorn’s the most tenacious of all the signs. With a reputation for hard work and perseverance against all odds, there’s NO mountain to too high, no rocky outcrop too awkward for our favorite astrological goat.

So whenever the Sun transits the 10th sign of the zodiac – regardless of our individual horoscopes – we all get a personal boost in the shape of this relentless, striving drive to succeed.

2. Better Timekeeping

Ruled by Saturn, the ancient Lord of time, Capricorn often gets a bad rap for being an unforgiving taskmaster when it comes to schedules and itineraries. Which can be too much when we’re in the midst of adventurous Sagittarius season, but here at home, Capricorn makes us all better timekeepers. And if you’ve got things to do, keeping to time’s the only way you’ll get through the list, right Cap?

3. Walk Tall

As the astrological ruler of the skeletal system, spine, and bones, Capricorn season puts an emphasis on posture. This means the effects of any strengthening exercises, yoga or physio you do that’s focused on your body’s scaffolding, plus any supplements or calcium-rich changes to your diet will be amplified. So push those shoulders back and stand up straight – for the next 30 days, walk like you mean it!

4. Return to Traditional Manners & Common Courtesy

Capricorn can’t be the far-sighted and ambitions sign it is, without having its feet planted firmly on the ground. So firmly, they’re quite often buried in times gone by… but the upside of this is that traditional manners, time-honored customs and (these days not so) common courtesies get reinvigorated when this zodiac sign’s in town. This season etiquette’s back on the table – don’t underestimate the power of your Ps & Qs!

5. Structure & Planning

You can’t climb as high as a Capricorn can without a little planning. And with a whole new year just around the corner, it’s no wonder that this sign elevates planning to a fine art!

So get out your calendar for the next 12 months and start filling in the gaps. Don’t worry, you don’t have to promise to do everything you scribble down (and in 30 days time when Aquarius hits, you’ll probably feel a lot like scratching some of it out!) but you’re far, far more likely to get a good portion of it done if the plans are drawn.

6. Vision

Capricorn season gives you vision.

No other zodiac sign gets the view from the top that the mountain goat does so with the Sun gracing these skies for the next 30 days, you can see further than at any other time. We’re not talking the dreamscapes of Pisces or the underworld diving of Scorpio, no. This vision is more about finding the depths of resourcefulness, the lengths of enterprising opportunities, and the legacy you’ll leave for generations to come. It’s a vision that’s rooted and real, and no new year should start without it!

7. Flip Anxiety on its Head

With the king of limitations Saturn as its ruler, Capricorn does have an anxious streak. Is there enough money, time, space? Can we do it? Will it work? (It’s little wonder this sign wants it all worked out beforehand). BUT knowing your weak spots can actually give you strength. If you know what could go wrong, may not work, could run out or may not even get off the ground, then you know what to prepare for. SO if anxiety does creep in, excavate it. And what it’s trying to tell you.

8. Find a Mentor

As the sign of leaders, mentors, guides, and experts, Capricorn will help you find the people you need, to take you further in your field. Despite its dogged determination, this sign understands that real, collective, long-term success requires more than just individual people with their heads down, doing their thing. Capricorn does what it does best by standing on the shoulders of giants, so reach out to the elders in your area of expertise.

9. Mastery

Under Capricorn, we all become masters.

Expect yourself to succeed.

Trust that you are capable.

Believe yourself into mastery!

10. Rise of the Divine Masculine

As the sign of men, the masculine, fatherhood and, yup, patriarchal energy, Capricorn can be a fierce teacher, full of the kind of tough love that only a devoted father has to give.

But it’s a balancing act.

Just like the symbol of the Capricorn: the sea goat – with the front of a goat, and the tail of a fish – it’s this sign’s job to maintain polarizing forces.

The divine masculine has been way out of whack for thousands of years and now, the patriarchy’s coming home to roost. With both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and a New Moon and solar eclipse in Cap on January 5 (the first of a series), this solar season kicks off a pivotal year in our collective story, woven through with this strong and powerful earth energy.

It’s time we all made friends with our own inner divine masculine. His energy is strong yet gentle; responsible yet flexible; loving yet resilient. And getting to know him begins here, in Capricorn.


Capricorn Season 2021/22 is from December 22 – January 19.

Are you a Capricorn? (…then Happy Birthday!)

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