Lucky Woman with Umbrella & SuitcasePinIt’s the month that all Sagittarians have been waiting for!

This week the Sun entered Sagittarius. Hello, Sagittarius season! But it’s not only those lucky folk born under the sign of the archer that get to enjoy this firey prelude to the festive season, no. Whenever our Solar King – the source of all energy in our solar system – moves through a sign, the quality of that sign flavors the experiences of the whole zodiac. 

From Nov 22 – Dec 21 the Sun will be transiting wander-lusty and eyes-wide-open Sagittarius! I LOVE this season (it also happens to be my birthday month, woohoo..!) and believe it holds magic for us all!

Sagittarius season is all about taking risks, living on the edge and pushing life just about as far as it will go. Horizons cease to exist under Sag – what you see ahead of you is but an endless sea of opportunity. And Jupiter ensures that the journey always feels as good at the destination. Better. This sign is adventurous, foolhardy, the daredevil of the zodiac, and for some insane reason, luck always prevails. Try something reckless under a Sagittarian sky and you’re more likely than Adam to land on your feet. Every. Time.

But the immense, life-affirming gifts that this solar season brings to us all are very often totally subsumed by the surge of the more commercially-driven season, of Advent and Yuletide and Christmas (yes, I know that just a corner of your mind is already there, planning away…)  

So however busy you become, you’ll feel Sagittarius in the air! 

But consciously, intentionally, willfully using its energy in your own life, for your own expansion, may take a little more effort…

Jupiter and the Number 3

Let’s talk numbers.

Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, has long been associated with the vibration of the number 3.  This giant planet of optimism, ideas and higher learning shares a special resonance with the 3, a beautiful, creative and wonder-filled number which unifies body, mind, and spirit. People with a lot of 3s in their charts are on a journey to understand the world through their own creative expansion, and what else does Jupiter inspire but that!?

It is exceptionally rare not to have even a hint of a number and its archetypal power in our personal make-up, so even if the 3 doesn’t appear in bold and obvious ways in your chart, its energy will be there. (If you’re new to Numerology, you can get an instant free reading right here)

Embrace Sagittarius Energy! (Using the Numerology of the 3!)

Sagittarius season is a really, really good time to eeeek it out and practice getting to know this inquisitive, expansive and optimistic side of yourself. Summon your inner 3, your inner Jupiter, and see where you end up!  Here are 15 super simple potent little tools and methods to use, to get to know your inner number 3, and at the same time, seriously rock Sagittarius Season whilst it’s here.

1. Start creating a strategy for 2022

Do it now, don’t wait for New Year’s Eve to hit!  The expansive qualities of Sagittarius will widen your perception of what you think is possible for you and your future, so be brave!

2. Embrace your FUN!  

One of the ways the number 3 expresses through us, is as quick wit and sharp humor, so let yourself see the world through a lens of laughter!

3. Read

Curl up on the sofa and sink into a novel.  Sagittarius loves to soak up experiences, and so do the archetypes of your inner 3, even if they’re through fictional worlds created on a page (and these can be some of the best worlds of all!)

4. Give up being critical

It’s a sorry shadow aspect of the number 3 to be overly fault-finding in others, a quality which can quickly break down relationships on both sides.  Try to recognize if you’re doing this and stop the pattern in its tracks.

5. Turn up your empathy dial.  

This number and this sign can sometimes cause us to be impatient with others who seem to be taking longer to ‘process’ life and situations. Let things take the time they need.

6. Host a party!

 Create an environment for people to meet, share and enjoy – it’s something you’re good at!

7. Don’t hold onto resentment, let go of old grudges, clear the slate

Sagittarian energy holds the powerful but fair vibration of the ruler God Zeus (Jupiter) so work to consciously embody this generous and just spirit.

8. Let yourself be swayed

Allow someone else to decide for you!

9. Practice being spontaneous!  

Release the temptation to analyze every single potential outcome of a decision and just. Say. YES!

10. Get away

Seek something different.  Book a night in a hotel or an Airbnb, go on an adventure, just to see what happens!  The number 3 thrives on variety and so does Sagittarius. 

11. Ask your intuition

The number 3 can be actively and positively mind-centered. But using both the rational AND intuitive parts of yourself will supercharge your decision-making skills.

12. Exude optimism

Talk affirmingly, choose the focus of your words carefully and re-frame the way you share (externalize) what you feel.

13. Connect to your elders

Hear their histories, soak up their journeys.  This doesn’t need to involve necromancy and a séance!  So go and spend an afternoon with your gran and connect deeply. Or if you no longer have one, borrow a friend’s.

14. Teach what you know

If you see someone at a certain stage in life, and you recognize yourself in them, ask if you can offer them advice and mentoring.

15. Pray

Sagittarius is connected to the higher realms of religion and the 3 is a number which creates connections.  Prayer not only crosses the hemispheres of the brain, but it also crosses worlds, so consider devoting some of your energy to invoking the gifts of the gods.


Do you have any Sagittarian energy? Or friends with this sign is their charts? Or perhaps the number 3 shows up in your Numerology? Share your connections in the comments below!