The Achievement number is a little-known guiding light in your Numerology.

It’s a number that directs you to your potential.

Yet because its vibration is hidden within other numbers (unlike the core numbers of Life Path, Destiny and Soul Urge) it indicates personal challenges. In fact, you may even be operating in the shadow of your achievement number, without even realizing it.

If you’re new to this part of your numerology chart, HEAD HERE to learn more about the Achievement number and how to calculate it. Otherwise, read on for your reading of Achievement Number 7…

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This Numerology describes somebody who holds a deep interest in the world and the workings of the mind. You have strong, intuitive and analytical skills that will always keep you curious, wherever your life path takes you!


Seven is considered by numerologists to be the most philosophical or spiritual of numbers. It’s highly likely that others regard you as having “unusual” interests – esoterica and the unexplained mysteries of life likely hold a supernatural appeal to you!

And more than that, you may find that you attract mysterious circumstances or events into your life, compounding your intriguing nature.

This number (appearing anywhere in a numerology chart, but especially here as the Achievement Number) makes you wonder how things work and what makes other people tick. You could spend all day pondering the unexplainable…

This Numerology means you’re someone who will always work best when you share your skills with others.

Using your analytical outlook and critical thinking for a higher purpose will bring you not only personal fulfillment but success.

Yet you probably tend to isolate yourself at times. This numerology has a tendency to retreat into solitude, and whilst time and space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life IS something you need, it’s not going to serve you if you keep it up for long periods of time.

It’s important for you to seek out people who have similar goals and interests to you.

The companionship of others is really what you need to thrive, though you may not realize this fully. Integrating yourself into clubs, groups and community will help you in the long-term to find your niche.

The major life lessons of this numerology revolve around faith and patience. Year on year, you should be working to cultivate self-trust and faith in your own abilities. Yet with this comes patience and the belief that you are on the right path, at the right time. 

As mentioned, 7 is the most analytical and mind-centered of the single-digit numbers. Whether your interests and experiences are mostly scientific or spiritual, when it appears as an Achievement Number, you need to learn how to let go of the desire to be analytical and manipulative.

Yes, your mind is your strength. But this critical edge can tip over into a negative trait, and something that will hold you back, keeping you challenged, if not kept in check.

You cannot always plot and plan your way through everything. It’s vital to have faith in, patience with, and gratitude for the miraculous nature of human life!

Some things are unexplainable.

It’s also really important for you, if you have this numerology, not to allow yourself to do “just whatever” because you feel bored or isolated.

It’s too easy for you to set up the kind of “psychic gravity” that enables the manifestation of negative consequences. In other words, keep your sense of wonder and belief intact. You can achieve anything!

If you let yourself be vulnerable enough to be ready to receive, you will, because trusting yourself, others, and the Universe will create the spark that your intuition and your sense of purpose need to find success.

These core human values are key channels for this most mystical of numbers, and they will serve you well throughout life.

You’re someone who will find that you tend to see both sides of any issue when others can’t, and that your intuitive, analytical and objective viewpoints will be of value to many. Don’t deny these gifts!

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More on the Achievement Number

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