aum or om symbol on old door

Symbolism is one of the best ways to work with the universal energy. Symbols, like Aum, YinYang and Darma Wheel, have a special way to connect to the powerful & transmuting energies of the Universe, the Angles and the Divine beings, thus creating, attracting, healing, transmuting and manifesting.

When we look at a symbol, it acts as a trigger to awaken consciousness thus opening gateways to new realities and higher frequencies. Symbols are also special because if one knows how to draw them through the right activation ritual, they work magic. Creating symbols & activating them is like breathing prana-shakti (life-force) in them, and in doing this, the soul-power of the symbol is activated. This soul-power is drawn from the creative energy, or the divine goddess, in the higher realm, and when we work with an activation symbol, it’s like speaking directly to the Source.

If we aren’t activating them, still we can work with the symbols to reach our goals, create happiness and health for us.

Crystals which have inclusions have some kind of symbolism there and which is why they can also act as a divination tool. The idea of symbols has not been expanded fully, and if used properly, they can be amazing tools for growth, ascension, awakening and manifestation.

When using symbols, we don’t even have to be thoroughly precise. What matters is the way you draw a symbol and your intentions while doing it.

The Power of Aum

One of the most powerful symbols is Aum (you may also see it spelled om or ohm). The sound of Aum is itself powerful, and the symbol is the one which indicates subconscious, conscious, superconscious and salvation. The use of this symbol in the right way can bring tremendous healing which at times feels dreamy.

After waking up from a 3 day coma following a terrible accident, I used to chant it silently all the time. Soon, I channeled a way to meditate on it which helped in my rapid recovery.

Let’s do the meditation, and with this meditation we’ll be opening up higher frequency portals for our desires of healing & manifesting.

Meditation on the Symbol to heal/attract

  • Keep the symbol Aum in front of you.
  • Sit comfortably in front of it and relax.
  • Focus on your heart beat.
  • Remain with your heart center for some time as you look at the symbol.
  • Now set an intention, which can be your good physical health or manifesting a goal. Set your intentions while looking at the symbol.
  • Now use your middle finger of the right hand to draw the symbol while thinking of your intention and requesting the symbol to manifest it for you.
  • Now close your eyes.
  • Focus on your third eye, the space between your brows.
  • Visualize drawing the symbol Aum at your third eye. Do it 3 times.
  • Now breathe slowly and deeply focusing on your breathing.
  • With each breath, energy of Aum is entering each and every area of your body and brain.
  • Visualize a pearly white energy pouring out of the symbol at your third eye, covering your third eye and slowly descending downwards. It covers your whole body.
  • Feel the sensations while visualizing the symbol at the third eye and the energy that’s covering you entirely.
  • Let the energy heal away all the unwanted from your body, mind, emotions. This is a very powerful energy.
  • Assimilate it within, knowing that your intentions have already taken root and is coming true. Feel, visualize and be.
  • Shift your focus to your heart beat again.
  • Slowly open your eyes.
  • Look at the symbol again and pay your gratitude by saying thanks.

This meditation is very powerful and helps us get connected to the power of the symbol. It is kind of a healing and attraction meditation, so it only works best with a clear intention.

I sincerely hope this will help you acquire a totally new dimension and help you increase your inner power. Symbols do that as they open up gateways and you can see visible changes in your day-to-day reality.

Let me know about your experience through comments. I love to hear a success story 


About Paulamie Das

Paulamie is a yogini, a healer (Reiki Master, Pranic & Shamanic Practitioner, Angel) with her own unique and powerful healing technique. She is a manifestation coach, spiritual mentor, meditation coach, tarot master, angel & soul communication expert & numerologist. She is also a student of vedic astrology and is in close attunement with her soul and masters. Visit Paulamie HERE.

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