On the spiritual path, focus is a vital trait and discipline to develop. Too many of us suffer with shiny object syndrome and fill our lives with new, more, different because we have not developed our focus muscle.

Your Ego Can Sabotage Your Focus

Your ego likes to divert you from what is really important because, if you were to put your full attention there, you would grow and change. The ego fears change above all, and in its attempt to keep you safe, it will use every trick it can to stop forward progress!

Akashic Clearing Meditation for Greater Focus

In today’s session, you will receive an Akashic Clearing to clear beliefs and feelings connected to memories that have been held within your body that sabotage your Soul’s desires. Your Soul is all about growth and without the clarity of focus and the ability to concentrate on what your Soul wants for you, it’s easy for your ego to lead you to procrastination, daydreaming and a mental fuzziness that you can’t seem to shake.

Be Open To Your Soul’s Priorities

Being open to being in deeper alignment with the priorities in your life can help you bring deeper focus to your Soul’s priorities. It can help you identify your goals and understand what it is you need to do to get there. And best of all, it can ensure you stay on track, concentrate on what you need to do and maintain an unwavering resolve to take action when you need to.

Don’t Let Your Ego Make You Unproductive

The next time your ego tries to trick you into believing answering emails is more vital than doing what your Soul needs…stop…take a breath…and choose to come back into alignment with your Soul’s purpose and focus there. Your day will be much more productive and you will be more fulfilled (even when answering emails!).

***Akashic Clearing: A high level energetic healing session where I work in the Akashic Records of the group of those who listen. Working with my Healing Guides to clear any energy blocks you are ready to release from your body, mind and energy fields, freeing you to be happy, healthy and successful.***

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