In today’s video I take you through an Akashic Clearing to clear blocks that hold overwhelm in place so you can live your Soul purpose.

If you are living with overwhelm, know that consciously or unconsciously you created this particular situation. People get caught up in the rat race of needing to do more to prove something to someone (sometimes that someone is yourself, other times it is someone else). You end up creating this huge list of things to do but when you get to the end of the day and you could not get all things done you feel frustrated with yourself and add tomorrow’s to-dos to the left over list from today leading to overwhelm.

Finding Yourself In Overwhelm

If you find yourself in overwhelm, the first step is to set the intention to release any resistance to the present situation. The more you resist the present situation, judging yourself for where you are, the more you will experience overwhelm. It is a self perpetuating cycle.

But didn’t you cause the problem? Well, yes and no…underneath the endless to-dos, overwhelm and self-criticism are the agreements and beliefs your ego created based on your experiences in life. This unconscious programming is available for you to heal in your Akashic Records.

Finding Simplicity

The intention behind today’s Akashic Clearing is to help you peel away everything that is not truly you, what your ego has pick up along your life journey up until now and packed into the baggage you cart around with you.

The Sacred Crystal Code grid we work with today, Simplicity, reminds you that underneath all the illusion your mind has created based on the memories you brought into this life and the memories you created during this lifetime, is the real you!

Clarity comes when you stop trying to master perfection, there is no need as you are already perfect! Allow yourself to clear what is not you so that your essence will shine through. The vibration from the grid along with my healing guides will help you to stimulate clearer thinking and see the power of embracing simplicity in the situation at hand to unwind the feelings of overwhelm.

***Akashic Clearing: A high level energetic healing session where I work in the Akashic Records of the group of those who listen. Working with my Healing Guides to clear any energy blocks you are ready to release from your body, mind and energy fields, freeing you to be happy, healthy and successful.***