After a series intense energies, get ready to head into the super-sexy vibes. Venus-Neptune Sextile will make you wanna Netflix and Chill with your significant other, or if you’re single… you’ll enjoy your own company this weekend (and there ain’t nothing wrong with that, starchild!)


A Venus-Neptune Sextile takes the ultra-romantic vibes of Venus and combines them with the dreamy brilliance of Neptune, creating the ultimate cosmic concoction of lusty, sultry energy.

If you’ve had a busy week, this is an opportunity to chill out and relax. At this moment, you’re wrapped in love and floating on a cloud so taking some time out for yourself to indulge in a little self-care is just what the doctor ordered.

This dreamy-romantic day will make you want to spend the day snuggling in bed or just napping the day away. Did somebody say spooning? (FYI, yes your cat totally counts).

If you are coupled up, take some time out to do the mushy stuff that you may have forgotten about. If the flames of passion aren’t burning as hot as they used to, today provides a platform for rekindling that spark.

If you’re single, expect your passionate senses to be aroused and some romantic encounters to come your way. Your magnetic side will attract someone you’ll totally vibe with.

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Venus Sextile Neptune Transit

The planet Venus sextile planet Neptune transit awakens your sensual and caring side. The magnetic field of these planets create an impact and each day incredible time for being part of a two since passionate and romantic encounters are on the horizon. These two planets make everything sizzle! You have an increased sensitivity when it comes to your sexual relationships with your significant other and may discover out-of-the-box ways to enhance your erotic pleasure. It is also an excellent time for dating any day of the period as your increased magnetic allure will attract a tender and caring person. It is almost magical! Quite possibly, you will meet a genuine soulmate or even a spiritual partner with this planet alignment.

Every day is also excellent time for shopping for clothes, fashion, and cosmetics for yourself as well as anything to decorate your home or add luxury to your surroundings. You have a leveled-up fashion sense and an excellent eye for beauty. The inspired creativity that the cosmic alignment brings also makes this a perfect time for dance, music, and other beautiful and wonderful expressions such as painting and sculpture.

The planet of Neptune in the opposite direction holds rulership over images, films, and screens. It is an excellent time to be creative, especially when it has to do with making movies or even sharing romantic moments over the Internet. If you have experienced low self-esteem in the past, it is a wonderful time to show off in front of a mirror or Webcam. Don’t be afraid to exhibit yourself! No one has to see if you do not want them to.

Friends and groups of people will be crucial at this time. You will have a level of enjoyment seeing a film or elevating your life by helping others through charity. You will find that you have an selfless and sympathetic nature that will level up your self-esteem. You will be making a real difference to others.

Spiritual love can be expressed via religious or other spiritual group activities. Expect your intuition to be heightened, and you may gain invaluable insights through dreams and visions. Any psychic talent you may have will be significantly stimulated at this time.

What does a Venus sextile Neptune mean in the birth chart?

With a Venus sextile Neptune in the natal chart year, people are attracted towards those with a supernatural, clairvoyant, and refined nature. They are looking for a perfect romantic relationship.

The sympathy and comprehension of these individuals draw people who are looking for help and bolstering. These people tend to be smooth, inventive, sentimental, as well as delicate. They are profound and kind to other people no matter the disillusionment they may be feeling.

Venus sextile Neptune regardless of their Sun have a sharp and masterful creative ability, especially in music or any kind of profoundly uplifting art.

It is also possible for these people to have trust and objectives strongly influenced by their spiritual beliefs. They might frequently be depending too much on the benevolence and generosity of others. Thus, these individuals should change their frame of mind.

However, they have a solid intuition which causes them to be perfect in an administration position.

Venus sextile Neptune people also tend to pay closely to their passionate and romantic endeavors. It is of utter importance to them.

The perfect partner for them is someone who would be equal to their passion. This potential significant other must be kind and gentle as well as good-looking. They must connect on an emotional and intellectual level. Physical chemistry must be sizzling.

The perfect individual that can hook up with a Venus sextile Neptune individual is someone who has an affinity for art, be it music or visual art. They must hold beauty in high esteem and appreciate the aesthetics in life. They must go to great lengths to bring their idea of beauty to fruition and be acknowledged by the world.

Venus sextile Neptune people stand out with the way they carry themselves and the way they care for themselves and their house and all its aspects. They almost have a Venusian atmosphere

They will often be dressed tastefully and have a high level of fashion sense. Their homes tend to be well-ordered and attractively decorated. These are a nonnegotiable for these people to relish life and feel good in their surroundings as well as their skin.

These people also tend to be extremely sensitive and shy away from anything that is chaotic or troubling. As such, their compassion and loving hearts are suited for more large-scale endeavors meant to help those who are suffering and in need.

Their hearts can touch other people, and they detest it when misfortune happens to others. An excellent tool for their purpose of helping others is their emotional and intellectual affinity as well as their insightful minds.

These people have almost supernatural clairvoyance that will help them in any of their activities. They have a balanced and prosperous nature that will grant them equilibrium as well as tranquility throughout their life.